Month: November 2013


I want this N O W !!!

To be able to invest and multiply our assets, we need to understand ourselves first and, in particularly, our spending habits. I will never forget a situation happened almost a year ago with my friends. We were sitting in a very nice and cozy Italian restaurant with 7 friends of mine after the ski day in mountains. All  my friends work at good positions in big international companies for quite a long time. It was Sunday night, 24 th of February. When the desserts were served my friends began talking about staying a little bit longer and waiting before midnight. I asked if it was any after ski tradition or so. They replied that there was no specific tradition; they just needed to wait for a midnight, because it was a salary day and exactly at 12 a.m. in the morning their bank account would receive thier monthly wage so they could pay for a dinner…. Continuing the discussion started a week ago about how we are influenced by the society we live in (Friday …


Friday people vs. Monday people

Officially, Friday arrives in the morning when I open Facebook—and that’s when the majority of my friends are posting pictures and status updates for one single purpose: to share with the world that Friday has finally Rolled Up! Why is Friday so worthy? For many folks Friday is rightfully the end of a week worth of prison time—popularly known as “the job.” So, Monday’s are always the first day of going to prison. Most of us tend to dash out of the office at exactly 5 p.m. every Friday (yep, happens here in Sweden too), or even earlier if the opportunity arises. So, for the most part when the office door is closed and the badge comes off—thankfully, life begins again. Friday symbolizes a chance: To rest with the family. To get drunk because we have Saturday and Sunday to recover. To fly away on a mini vacation. To hit the clubs, meet up with friends, etc. To do something we really like. Does this mean that some of us don’t really like what we …

We are all made of stars

We are all made of stars.

Hello all! How are you? How was your day? Fine, I hope. You know, my literature teacher in high school used to love making us write incredibly long essays. When we complained about trouble getting started, mainly due to the broad subject matter, she used to say, “Just start writing about something and it doesn’t matter what you write about, then leisurely go back to the subject’s main theme.” Surprisingly, it really helped. Today it’s difficult for me to start this blog. I can’t really put my finger on it. At any rate, my dear readers, I’m not going tell you who I am, what I do, my sex or nationality, my education, or the color of my skin and the color of my hair. I’m not going to reveal any pictures or tags of me in a coffee shop around the corner. My aim for the moment is for you to maintain a clear mind free from prejudices and clichés. Nevertheless, you should have some sort of certainty. Hmm… let’s say I am a …