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Friday people vs. Monday people

Officially, Friday arrives in the morning when I open Facebook—and that’s when the majority of my friends are posting pictures and status updates for one single purpose: to share with the world that Friday has finally Rolled Up!

Why is Friday so worthy?


For many folks Friday is rightfully the end of a week worth of prison time—popularly known as “the job.” So, Monday’s are always the first day of going to prison.

Most of us tend to dash out of the office at exactly 5 p.m. every Friday (yep, happens here in Sweden too), or even earlier if the opportunity arises. So, for the most part when the office door is closed and the badge comes off—thankfully, life begins again. Friday symbolizes a chance:

  • To rest with the family.
  • To get drunk because we have Saturday and Sunday to recover.
  • To fly away on a mini vacation.
  • To hit the clubs, meet up with friends, etc.
  • To do something we really like.

Does this mean that some of us don’t really like what we do for a living? Probably not. Actually, I don’t think I have ever met a person who was completely delighted with their job and didn’t look forward to FRIDAY.

Ordinarily the people who are fans of their jobs are usually self-employed, and of course do not mind the inevitable Monday morning. Individuals who have managed to turn a passion into a profession are also likely to look forward to the first day the week (Monday).

They love Monday’s because it represents new possibilities to develop their knowledge and skills, to create something new, or to continue doing what they do until the stupid weekend forces delays. They happily check-in at their work place, post pictures from corporate meetings and presentations—smiling all week long.


Of course, both Friday and Monday lovers have occasional problems at work, but imagine how different these two minds approach and tackle problems!

Who are you: Monday person or a Friday person?

Have you ever thought of why you are this way?

We all need days off—it is essential. Rest is an investment in your health, family and relationships. However, the question is WHEN to rest?

Have you ever felt this way?

 “I have so much to do, but it’s Friday night and I’ve been working all week. I deserved to party! And on Saturday, I’ll take it easy because it’s the weekend.

More often than not, people tend follow the calendar too much by the book. So much that they forget to look at the reality of things. Does it really matter what day of the week it is (if you are able to control your own hours)? If you are free on a Wednesday—take that day off! If you have something important to do on a Saturday—then get it done. Time is everything! So depending on you how you manage it, will ultimately determine your success.

Is your time an investment? Are you in control of it?


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