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10 Ingredients for the Perfect Weekend

The weekend is over. I really enjoyed mine! What about you?

This week I followed my perfect weekend recipe and had a wonderful couple of days.  2 days of fun, joy, rest and balance.

Here is my favorite recipe for a perfect weekend:

  1. Meet some friends whom you have not seen for a while and you miss. Let it be people who make you happy just because you see their faces. Enjoy their company!
  2. Sleep. Have a good nights rest and read a book to wake up in the morning. Eat some breakfast and read a book in bed.
  3. Enjoy a little bit of nature, breath and exercise: go skiing, running, kayaking, take a boat,  go skating, and/or have a picnic – it depends on the weather. A walk in the park works in any season. Drink a cup of hot cocoa when you return. An active weekend is the best!Image
  4. Watch one movie that you put in your “to watch” list.
  5.  Spend time with your family: dinner, a telephone call, a skype call, going to a church, going to a concert, or visiting a lost family members graveside (that also happens).  The key word here is family.
  6. Learn something new. Listen to a new music group, go to an art exhibition, and read about something you had no idea about before.
  7. If you do not often do so, bake or make a new dish and share it with the people you love.
  8. Take a camera (film, digital) or a smartphone with a decent camera.  Go out, find a new road or go somewhere you’ve never been before.  Find some inspiration from the streets and take at least 10 pictures of the world around you, because this weekend will never repeat again. Same as any other moment of your life.Image
  9. Smile. Laugh. Love and sleep again.
  10. Write on the bathroom mirror “I love you! Have a great work week! You can do it!” before going to sleep on Sunday evening no matter if you live alone or not.   Everyone is happy to receive positive encouragement (even you).

P.S. Do not forget to do your laundry and make your place look good, unless you have people who are doing that for you.

What are your ingredients for the perfect weekend?


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