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How smart women invested in 2013?

In Sweden, declaration (tax returns) time has come again. Every citizen earning an income, recently received a large yellow form from a local taxation office reminding us to submit all sources of revenue, as well as expenditures. This year my income consisted of the usual source—my job and the firm that I own. However, there was a new entry included among my income sources—revenue from rising stock shares! The value of my portfolio rose 19% from last year. Smart girl!

How smart women invested in 2013?


Once you will need to decide where to invest.

“How smart women invest,” for me, was an interesting experience. Back in November of 2013, a friend of mine invited me to a seminar. It was more or less a breakfast meeting comprised of smart women, and Barbara Stewart, a researcher and portfolio manager from Canada, travelled here to Stockholm to share her financial insight and wisdom. The event was organized by NASDAQ OMX.

Barbara, an elegant and charming woman, revealed to us information about what motivates smart women to invest, and how they make an investment decision. For her research, she talked to 100 smart women who work in corporate positions such as CFO, CEO, senior managers, and directors from around the globe regarding attitudes about investing.

According to Barbara’s research:

  1. Women invest with a worldly concept in mind—saving families, saving the planet, and saving their souls.
  2. Women invest in their children and their children’s future.

One of Barbara’s the most important findings were:

Women are ready to take the risks!

Women take calculated risks. Before the actual investment, they do their homework and study the market/company/ product/etc…

Another important finding was that women love to listen to stories; it’s how they learn about their own lives, and of course how they learn to invest.

Barbara then got me thinking and analyzing about my own investment decisions. My example only confirms her findings: the first stocks I bought in the beginning of 2013 were Episurf Medical, a company that designs and produces individually customized implants–cartilage replacement in the knee, for example. Of course, as with every woman, there’s a story behind it.

My grandmother, the person I adored and loved the most, died 2 years ago. It all started with pain in her knees. It was agonizing; the doctors did not advise surgery because of her age and weight, as well as lack of technology. Unfortunately, two years later we lost her. About a year after that, my father discovered a similar problem with his knees. He actually did undergo surgery, but the technology was outdated and he still has problems with the same pain persisting to this day.

Of course, the first company I thought about to invest in was Episurf. I already lost one close person and I have a father that is in pain every day. I, as any other smart woman, invested with my soul to protect my family and myself, for the future.

According to the increased value of my portfolio, it was a win-win situation!

Do you invest? Where do you invest? How do you invest?

Share your tips! All are welcome!

Here is Barbara with her presentation (from another event in Stockholm). Enjoy!


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