Day: 15th April 2014


Black penny, red penny… Investing in stamps!

Almost everything in this world works in cycles: solar activity, tides, fashion, and even financial crises. As far as long-term investing is concerned, the “cycle” plays a vital role when deciding when to cash out, so predicting the optimal period during the cycle is “key.” Actually, you can increase the probability of becoming a successful investor if simply: You are a disciplined investor. You are a patient investor. You can forget about the money you have invested. Everything seems to be “too” rational and practical. Where then is the inspiration and enjoyment of investing—sitting back and relying on interest rates and investment trends to be in your favor, and hoping to be wealthy in the future? Is there a way to enjoy investing? There is a way – collecting! Investing in something you can physically touch is one way to enjoy investing, knowing also its value will increase over time.  Today’s topic is STAMPS. Philately is the study of stamps, postal history, and other related collectables—a movement that appeared in 1840, just after Great Britain issued …