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Three Secrets and a Big Passion – Triathlon!

Today is a big day for our blog! With the help of our web developer, we are launching a new outlay and design—and premiering alongside a new look will be an exciting new topic as well… I’m sure all of you have noticed that I am notably passionate about investment opportunities, leadership, and entrepreneurship. However, I do have another passion that I’d like to share with all of you—a passion that will most certainly reveal another side of me that is absent in any of my past posts. Nevertheless, the time has come to let you all know that “big finance” is not the only ambition that drives me. My other big passion is…SPORTS.

First Secret: The Ironman Triathlon is my goal

Yes, my passion is sports—particularly triathlon, which is the one sport that most people have little understanding of and are somewhat unaware of how tough it is, both mentally and physically. Swimming, biking, and running completes a triathlon. Just to inform you, triathlon is like a drug. It involves lots of goal setting (years actually) in order to reach the granddaddy of them all: The Ironman Triathlon—140.6 exhausting miles. Now at 28, my goal is to compete in the Ironman by age 31. Last year I tried the “Sprint” distance and this year I plan to complete the Olympic Distance in Stockholm, Sweden. Actually, I’m already choosing the location for the Half Ironman, which takes place the following year. It’s like a drug; believe me.

 Second Secret: Teaching swimming

The idea of “triathlon” came to me through my passion of swimming. Today I teach swimming to adults who have never learned how to swim. Most of them curiously have had some sort of frightening sinking experience and I often feel that my job is not so much to teach them the techniques, but rather to believe in themselves; believe that they can and are no longer afraid to swim in deep water. Last year alone, 127 people died in Sweden from drowning. I know that thanks to my job, this year 25 people learned how to swim properly and 11 of them can even save the lives of others in a drowning situation.

Third Secret: Bosphorus Cross Continental Swim Race. 

Triathlon Olympic Distance is not the only event I am training for this year. I am also going to participate in the Bosphorus Cross Continental Swim Race. Bosphorus is a channel that divides Europe from Asia. The race will be 6.5 km and will take place in Istanbul, Turkey July 2014. So, if interested and would like to follow my journey, you are all very welcome!

 So, let’s swim, lazy bones! Your bitchy coach is already up!


In a wet suit ORCA, ready for a long swim



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