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Money Spending Habits — Take the Leap and Make a Change

How many times have you eaten that LAST burger?

Millions of people promise themselves a new start on Monday, but typically nothing happens and the promises continue week after week—sounds familiar? Old habits are hard to kick.

Admit it—life is crazy. Having two arms is not enough to carry and operate those devices we so much rely on to get us through the day. No doubt, it depends on what we do to earn a paycheck. Personally, I write at least 20 emails and answer about 15 telephone calls per day. I cannot begin to tell you the amount of social media applications I maintain per day. If you are like me, then we need a solution…and FAST!

When we are under such demanding circumstances, we get lost and find it hard to ACT AND STRATEGICALLY MAKE CHANGES WITH POSITIVE END RESULTS.

It isn’t difficult remembering to call somebody back or to put together a list of things to do. Challenging is to make overall changes in your lifestyle, behavior, etc.

Ok, so you made the decision to stop doing something or you decided to develop a fresh useful habit.

(For example)

1. I want to stop taking my laptop to bed.
2. I want to stop eating “energetic garbage” (like candies, chocolate and other useless carbs).
3. I want to stop spending money that I do not have, starting with the things I do not need.
4. I want to spend more time with my family (kids, parents, and partners) and close friends. I want to tell them more often that I love and support them.

Create a list and then choose the top three most important.

For example—you want to stop spending money that you do not have, starting with the things you do not need.

We need to figure out why we continue to spend money when we don’t really need to.

To Spend or Not to Spend

Actually, there could be a million different reasons why—maybe it helps us feel better by avoiding stress instead of dealing with it head on. We all have our reasons.

1. Cash

Always try to minimize the amount of cash on hand. Who has cash nowadays? It only becomes too difficult to track past purchases. So, no cash in your wallet if you want to save money!

Remember! Your life is an investment! What are you doing now? Is it an investment?

   2. Debit and credit cards—the invisible money

“Plastic” allows you to track and evaluate your spending by viewing past transactions—it just makes more sense. Also, think about this: It takes a bit longer time to take the card out of your wallet, insert it into the card reader, enter the pin code, and then approve the purchase. In this case, there is a small window of opportunity to re-think the purchase and save your money.

We thought about this a lot and created a solution: Just glue a sticker to the card and the wallet, reminding you to think NOW about SAVING your money.

Try to develop an association between what you want and the phrase defined on the sticker.

3. Money Spent Via Internet

Many purchases involve online shopping. Great! Now you can place a sticker in the corner of your computer screen! Maybe you’ll cure your insomnia as well. Same questions, same associations.

At other times of the day, a constant reminder about your decision to formulate a new, fruitful life style can be a worthwhile concept. That’s why we have created a limited edition of wristbands made from genuine leather. They are handmade, comfortable, and stylish.

Handmade leather wristband to remind you of your goals

It does not matter what aim you want to achieve to develop new spending or eating habits, to become a better version of you – these wristbands will remind you about your goal and help you not to astray from your way. Some of the wristbands have a line below the logo “We are all made of stars” which provides us even more inspiration and motivate us on the difficult way of changing our habits.

Head over to our web shop and start investing in your life NOW! >>> http://lifeasaninvestment.tictail.com/


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