Day: 18th July 2014

It is time to cross continents: preparing for Bosphorus

This year (2014) on the 20th of July, 1809 crazy but INSPIRING people will try cross the 6.5 km long Bosphorus strait. Bosphorus is the world’s narrowest strait, which is separating Europe from Asia. Every year the National Olympic Committee of Turkey organizes this swimming race in Istanbul. The competition started in 1989 with 68 swimmers. Now, 26 years later there are thousands of participants from different parts of the world.     Life as an Investment could not miss this opportunity to participate in the swim, especially among all those crazy, happy swimmers. I am already in Istanbul and getting ready for the event! So, follow my journey on Instagram @lifeasaninvestment and cross your fingers for good luck on Sunday morning July 20th 2014 when I’ll be swimming across the strait!