Day: 19th August 2014

Panthère de Cartier cuff-bracelet. Platinum, diamonds, sapphires, onyx  Vincent Wulveryck © Cartier 2009

Investing in Jewelry — is it a Myth or a Dream Come True?

While travelling in Russia, I noticed how consumers influence different industries.  Take for example the jewelry industry. It amazed me to see how many jewelry stores were in business, and the variety of international brands that were available. The ‘girly girl’ side of me was charmed, but at the same time, my rational side, influenced by a financial background, held its ground firmly. I thought to myself that there must be a way that would allow women not just to buy jewelry, but also to INVEST in jewelry. This way she can enjoy it and not feel guilty about the purchase because it’s an investment, or is it? Margo Raffaelli To work out if this idea is a possibility I met with independent jewelry consultant at one of the most glamorous galleries in Moscow situated in Red Square – GUM. We took a short tour of the Square, taking notice to the different varieties and brands. Eventually, we landed at Bosco Café.  Margo, a young and attractive businesswoman, has over 10 years’ experience in the jewelry industry. …