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What is Immunity? Key Components to Health and Longevity Explained

What is good health? How do we describe a healthy person? Well, a healthy person is a lucky person whose body functions work properly, can move the way he/she wants, breathe easily, has no pain and no restrictions—and who doesn’t visit the doctor more than for ordinary check-ups. This person never gets sick when most others do—and can eat and drink whatever he/she wants without any problems. In other words, a healthy person is a person with a fine-tuned immune system. So, good health equals strong immunity.

But what is immunity? Immunity is usually defined as a defence system that resists and fights viruses and infections that enter our body. However, it is more than just that. The immune system is designed to allow a human to live for at least 120 years—and not weaken after forty, fifty, or even sixty years of age.

How is that possible? It depends on the individual. Have you ever thought about why young people are healthy and so full of life? And why some people keep this condition longer than others? Or why others get diseases and others don’t?

Immunity (which is responsible for our health condition) can either be destroyed, maintained or strengthened. Which way it goes depends on the balance of three main factors: Food, Motion and Emotions. It is difficult to understand the importance of these key health factors, especially how to balance them. So, how do you know the right balance? In Swedish there is a word known as “lagom,” which can be interpreted into “take it easy.” It describes an attitude to have {and maintain} in order to achieve balance. “Lagom” for each of us is quite individual, so it’s best to listen to your body and its responses to different behaviours. It takes time to learn, but it is well worth it!


The human body is a clever self-maintaining system. In all our organs, and in our blood, there are built-in mechanisms that help our bodies fight viruses, get rid of toxins, and eliminate unwanted by-products and dead cells. Did you know that the liver is the “QUEEN” of detoxification and maintenance? Its two main functions are: to purify blood and process fats.

The liver synthesises the main antioxidant glutathione, which is responsible for how well our immune system works (see more here). At the same time, the liver is the purification station in the body. It is absorbing and sorting out all the impurities that enter via food, crèmes, nail polish, hair dye, aerosols etc… Also, all the fats, alcohol, nitrates and nitrites, glutamate and other chemicals that enter the intestines (by way of food and drinks of questionable quality) pass though the liver. Therefore, if we decide that we want to live a long and healthy life, we should definitely consider a liver cleansing. But even before that, we start with the intestines by


Even a healthy person should consider a colon cleansing—followed by a liver cleansing—especially if he or she wants to enjoy an active pension life. But the approach should include balancing all three components: Food, Motion and Emotions. We will approach this question (in detail) in our next publication.

Hopefully affirmations like—“we are digging our own grave by the knife and fork”—“we are what we eat” and “food is our medicine,” which are well-known and well-forgotten statements, will get a new sense of understanding and provide us with a new and healthy outlook on life.

two glasses of water with splash

Every now and then, I will give you practical advice for a stronger immune system and overall better health. Right now you can start with the following healthy habit: brush your teeth and then drink a glass of warm water every morning on empty stomach. Wait at least 15 minutes before having your breakfast. This daily glass of warm water will make your belly happy and help flush out the intestines. You will feel the improvement no matter what level of health you are in. But there is one condition: you must drink it every day, no excuses. In about 10 days you will start feeling the difference. I promise!


Oxana Samoteeff,

Health Consultant.

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Ksenia's engineering backround matches well with her big interest in healthy lifestile. Apart from her job as a researcher she has followed her passion and became Ayurvedic Health Consultant with a degree form Scandinavian Ayurvedic Academy. Combining ancient life wisdom into modern life style is a challenge that she is successfully applying and proving that our health is in our habits.


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