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Self-Crisis Management – 7 Tips to Help You Hop Out of Bed

Almost everyone has at one time or another “hit the wall.” Meaning, have had a personal or career crises. And every crisis seems to start the minute you wake up: arrogance, procrastination and suffering from as little as noticing the weather outside. There are a lot of reasons why people end up in this situation. But the good news is that there is a way to get back on track. Remember, it all starts the minute you open your eyes in the morning.

The secret element of success

 Some time ago Life as an Investment published an article which discussed Knowledge and Motivation. But recently, while reading biographies of successful people and analyzing my own personal experiences, I came to conclusion that one important element was missing –

D I S C I P L I N E!

It may sound boring – be a disciplined person, but it can pull you out of a crises and make your dreams of reaching the pinnacle of success come true.


Your perfect productive morning

It sounds simple and amazing, and it’s true. All we need to do is develop some discipline. But how? The bridge to success is having discipline.

If you’ve been employed for many years, and now are either unemployed or even self-employed, it is too easy to lose control of having “routine.” Your bed is warm in the morning and the motivation to get out of it is just not there. Sound familiar? But believe me, you can find motivation! No matter how tired you are or how great your headache is, get your ass out of the bed and get working!

Being self-employed demands a lot of discipline. It creates the illusion of freedom to do anything you want with your time. I believe that many people cannot be self-employed because there is no boss giving tasks, nobody telling them they did something good or bad, no embracing or pride, no competitiveness, and no sense of teamwork.

So, here are some

7 tips to help you hop out of bed

with inspiration and a happy face.

  1.  In the evening, before going to sleep, prepare your outfit for the next day. Make sure you look astonishing and gorgeous in it. Make sure it’s clean and ironed. You need to feel like a million dollars—because you’re worth every penny!
  2. Keep your workplace neat and organized. Make sure you’re prepared to deliver perfect results. Organizing your workplace in the morning burns at least one hour of productivity and puts a strain on motivation. Do not go down that road. You’re better than that!Perfectly organized working place
  3. Make your bed then leave the room. Do not work in the bedroom. Too many self-employed individuals tend to work part of the day on their beds. This is not a good thing. Create an office for yourself, it could be every room in your house, but not a bedroom.
  4. Create a list of the things you need to do for the next day. Time management specialists usually advise to eat the frog first—meaning, do the boring things first. I prefer to start with very small but fun task first then hit the big ones later. But here you need to be careful. The small tasks should not take more than 30 minutes. Losing control of small tasks can lead to procrastinating until lunch time. We don’t want that.
  5. Have a stress-free, healthy breakfast.Start your day with a perfect breakfast
  6. Set your alarm to music and wake-up to positive vibes. You’d be surprised how well and easy it becomes to get out of bed.
  7. Last but not least, try to have a morning meeting (by phone or in person) with paying clients. This way, you are all on the same page. Uncertainty is opportunity lost.

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Good luck!


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