Day: 25th February 2015

Anna with her Wilier


Once upon a time 365 million years ago, the early Tetrapod (Ichthyostega), a fishlike amphibian,  a meter-long creature that had the limbs and skull of an amphibian, crawled out to the groud from the water – evolution captured in transition. I think about evolution every time I crawl out of the water after swimming part of triathlons. My legs and hands don’t listen to my brain. I literally need to voice commands like “Take off goggles!” “Take off cap!” “Unzip wetsuit then run!” It is better to train before as many times as possible.   Speaking of transitions, imagine a triathlete transitioning from one part of the race to the biking part of the race. It’s a crucial section of a triathlon that requires a small investment. Biking is the most expensive part of a triathlon costs. And yes, it can be done with a single- speed or even the same bike that takes you to the grocery store and back—but most guys cannot resist the temptation of buying a brand new one for competing …