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– Run! Run faster than the wind! –

It’s a nice phrase, but a triathlete in the middle of a bike-to-run transition will probably punch you in a face if you yell that out loud!

After so many kilometers on a bike, the legs just don’t move the way they should after hopping off the bike. But they are hard as stone….and only want to rest.

Running gear plays a massive role in this process!

Triathletes normally use extra-light running shoes like ZOOT—probably the best triathlete gear in the world. They also uses Asics, but I find them to be hard on the legs, a bit heavier and quite narrow.

I have a pair of Asics gel – Tri Noosa 9, but I can’t say that I really like them. For the coming season, I’m willing to try those Swiss engineered Cloudracers.

The prices for quality running shoes don’t vary much—basically $100 to $250 on the average.

Here’s a tip: choosing the right running shoe for a triathlon should depend on distance and the framework of your legs and body. Some stores can offer you to take a test run. They can then analyze your run and help you choose the right running shoe (and gear, of course).

It’s a clever marketing tactic, as they provide the customer with assurance, but my advice is—listen to your own body.

The cheapest sport in a triathlon (running) needs just 2 extras: speed laces ($6) and a race belt ($12). The race belt holds the race number on your back while biking and on your front while running. You should also have a running cap and sunscreen.




Running shoes: min $50, max $250

Speed laces: $6 (sometimes included with the running shoes)

Race belt: $12

Sunscreen: $15

Running cap: $20

Total: $100-$400.



That gives us a final triathlon cost of about $4000-$5000 for all 3 sports, not including registration fees and transportation costs!

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