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Men’s Wardrobe Planning Guide – Spend Less, Look Fashionable

Men's Individual Fashion
Christian Frosch

Christian Frosch. Men’s Individual Fashion

The clothing market is huge! There are roughly 7.1 billion people on this planet who own at least one pair of jeans and a T-shirt. Now, go to your wardrobe and tell me how many pairs of jeans you have…. Do you wear all of them?

The issue we have here is that women usually have “nothing to wear” and men don’t know “what they’re wearing.” This leads me to believe that most of us have too much in our wardrobes or too little of the “right” clothes. Either way, there is a solution to getting the most out of what we wear and how to wear it.

I decided to talk to Christian Frosch, founder of

Men’s Individual Fashion,

regarding men’s wardrobe planning. Here’s what his guidance on this matter.


Shoes are the basis of an outfit, both physically and in appearance. Never try to save money on shoes, make it an investment instead. Go for Goodyear welted shoes—and properly take care of them. Remember, good shoes will cost you more, but in the long run you’ll be compensated by having long-lasting shoes.


Great fitting jeans, shirts and jackets are also decisive. Go for raw jeans. They last longer and therefore satisfy longer. You will be surprised at how much money can be saved by looking for jeans, shirts and jackets at retail outlets and second hand shops. And don’t let the discounted prices fool you.


Accessories can make an outfit. A well chosen accessory makes the difference between good and fantastic. But consider this: an accessory should harmonize with the man. It should match the man’s personality, interests and even opinions. So, choose wisely. Link up with the brands you like by subscribing to their newsletters and social media channels. This way, you will get priority info on product launches and special promos.

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