Day: 25th June 2015

Strength Exercises for Swimmers

Dryland exercises for swimmers: CRAWL

Help your body to develop muscles so the muscles will help you to swim longer and faster. Together with  Kamishi Swimming School we prepared a wonderful set of dryland exercises for swimmers that  they usually provide to their crawl swimmers. It is a selection of exercises from Swimming Anatomy book by Ian McLeod. All of them you can do at home with just a little use of equipment or without equipment at all. We start with ARMS   Close grip push up Execution: Facedown, slide both hands under your chest so that your thumbs touch along the midline of your body at nipple level. Your toes support your lower body. Holding your body in a straight line from your ankles to the top of your head, push your upper body upward until the elbows are almost locked. Lower your body until your chest is 2.5 cm off the ground. Be careful if you already have pain in the shoulder joint and avoid dropping too far into the ending position. A common mistake is to take the head …