Day: 9th July 2015

Fredrik Eklund signs THE SELL book - Love to everybody, photo by

How to be successful? THE SELL by Fredrik Eklund

THE  SELL by Fredrik Eklund is an inspiring account of an isolated Swedish guy who takes a dream-chasing journey toward success in a big American city. Packing your bags, saying goodbye to loved ones and moving {alone} to “the city that never sleeps” (NYC) is a huge endeavor that not only requires careful planning but also a passion for the journey. This is the story of a blue-eyed Stockholmer who firsthand shares with you the pain of being a homesick, lonely stranger in a huge city where nobody cares about you. He also shares with the reader the positive side of successfully following a dream. If you are thinking about taking the plunge into the unknown world of moving abroad, or maybe you’re already there, than read this book. It will most definitely cheer you up. Eklund understands because he has walked in these shoes before. Ironically, the shoes he wore on his first day at JC De Niro Real Estate were shabby, old sneakers. Today his feet stand in the best shoes money can buy. …