Month: September 2015

Семейное право в Швеции

Договор между гражданскими супругами или брачный договор, не первая вещь, о которой мы хотели бы задумываться вступая в семейные отношения. В такой момент хочется думать совершенно о других вещах. Но как сказала, она мудрая женщина, оставшаяся вдовой с тремя детьми в свои 42 года: «Все отношения рано или поздно заканчиваются. Либо вы расстаетесь, либо кто- то из вас умирает». 26 сентября в офисе компании Kamishi AB по Roslagsgatan 48, юрист Ксения Кристиансен провела семинар о семейном праве в Швеции. Мы очень часто думаем, что в Швеции «узаконенный гражданский брак», что не совсем так. Да, конечно, у вас больше прав, чем в России, если вы живете в гражданском браке, но все равно ваши права не соответствуют тем, которые были бы у вас если бы вы зарегистрировали свои отношения. Один из очень известных кейсов, который Ксения привела в пример – это дело Стига Ларссона – популярного шведского писателя, создавшего трилогию Миллениум, скоропостижно скончавшегося от сердечного приступа. Ева Габриельсон была фактически женой Стига: они прожили 30 лет вместе и не расписывались только потому, что хотели обезопасить себя от …


Real Estate Investment Strategy #3: Book–Sell

One of my favorite real estate investment strategies that works well in Sweden is Book-Sell (read here about Buy-Repair- Sell and Buy-Rent- Sell ). Book-Sell  involves new construction projects where you book, for example, an apartment at a planned building site and sell it before the  house and apartment are even finished. There are a lot of construction companies out there with a long-standing history of building and doing business. The Purchasing Process First you need to locate a building project. Search the net and you’ll find what you’re looking for. Next, after finding a suitable project and location, contact a broker about selling you one or more of the apartments. Once a real estate firm has accepted you as a client, you will need pay anywhere from 20k – 50k (SEK) as a booking fee, then 8-10 months later you will be required to pay and extra 80k – 100k (SEK) to secure the ownership of the real estate (binding agreement). Booking details vary with different construction companies, but for the most part, they are all very similar. (Pros) …


Swim and Travel

I love combining tourism with swimming. Last year I swam the 6.5 km Bosphorus race (read more here) and enjoyed Istanbul’s beautiful scenery from the water. Next year, I am planning to explore England and swim the 14 km Bridge to Bridge, one of Henley Swim’s annual events. This article is about Swedish swim competitions that you can combine with exploring Stockholm– one of Scandinavia’s capital cities, and arguably known as “the Venice of the North.”  Swim and Travel Stockholmssimmet Stockholmssimet is a new swim competition, premiering this year. The event is organized by the same people who brought you the craziness of “Tough Viking”. In Stockholmssimmet, you have an option of two different distances, either 1 km or 3.3 km. Oxana and I swam the 3.3 km, and it was amazing! Swimmers start from Stockholm’s marine museum and finish in the middle of the Royal National City Park, which was just where we wanted to be on a sunny Sunday morning. One downside with this race was a lack of organization, probably due to the fact …


A Perfect Pair of Goggles

Every swimmer knows that it takes years to find the perfect pair of goggles. When you do find them, you need to buy out the store (either physically or online) where you found them; at least ten pairs! That way, you know you are safe in case they stop manufacturing that model. Sounds a little crazy, doesn’t it? All swimming shops are packed with different types of goggles, but they are all, well, crap. The price tag is no indication of protection from crap. In fact, my experience has been that the more expensive the goggles, the less useful they are. These are the absolute best ones I found that work for me: Swedish Goggles Malmsten. This brand is similar to IKEA in that you get a package with parts which you put together yourself, resulting in the perfect pair of goggles. The invention of these goggles has a very interesting history. Over thirty-five years ago, the famous Swedish swimming coach, Tommy Malmsten, was training a very promising swimmer, Ann-Sofi Roos. Roos suffered from very sensitive skin …

Kamishi Swim

Best Swimming Pools in the Stockholm Region

We spend so much time in Stockholm’s swimming pools with NO FEAR Swim Kamishi swimming school that we feel the need to tell you the truth about them. We consider pools that are best suited for: Training Spending time with kids Our absolute favorites are: All year round Sundbyberg Simhall Bergaliden 1, 172 77 Sundbyberg (Pros) Sundbyberg Simhall has been completely renovated and extended. The facility is very clean, comfortable, and spacious. There are two training pools, each twenty-five meters in length (one with adjustable floor), as well as a kid’s pool and a baby pool. The baby pool was designed by Swedish sculptor Backa Carin Ivarsdotter (see picture above). Overall, the facility is very kid-friendly. It is even possible to sunbathe there during the summer time. The personnel are a friendly, great team. In addition to having among the lowest admission prices in city, the facility includes a gym. (Cons) If you are training, they tend to group two lines in one, and ask you to swim in Swedish “motionsim”, which means that you have to swim …


Investment Real Estate Strategy #2: Buy–Repair–Sell

Last time we spoke about profiting from a real estate investment using an exit strategy. Today we add more (exit) strategies. The Buy-Rent–Sell strategy we discussed earlier is an endeavor that usually lasts only 1-2 years. In other words, cash-in while the getting is good. In the last 20 years, Swedish real estate has increased in value with the exception of 2008 when prices were slightly down, but then suddenly increased the following years. The funds acquired from the sale of property (the exit) is a huge plus when added to the cash flow created from rent. Today, a 50 square meter apartment in Solna would cost you roughly 2M SEK, which can then be sold for 3M SEK in 1.5 years. That’s 1M SEK in cash flow on a 300,000 SEK investment. Couple that with cash flow from rent, and your ROI would triple! STRATEGY 2: Buy–Repair–Sell This strategy still works in the UK and other countries, but seldom is it profitable in Sweden—however, it was profitable several years ago. In comparison to other real …


Investment Real Estate Strategy #1: Buy–Rent–Sell

(This is the second article from Real Estate Investment collection. Read previous here) There are a lot of ways to make money in real estate. As an investor, let’s take a look at some of the ways to receive a POSITIVE RETURN on your investment. There’s more than one  exit strategy and scenario in order to achieve realistic, sustainable returns on real-estate investing. We will discuss this with a global perspective, and of course cover the Swedish market—as well as touch upon current regulations. Investor’s role Everybody is an investor. If you are into building, renovating, or even cooking, sooner or later it will become your profession and consume most of your time—thus, time is an investment. So, making financial decisions also require an investment in time. You will need to read and understand financial markets, local regulations, geographical areas, building codes and perform market research. But, it is the type of investment that will determine how much of a time-investment effort you need to put in. When you place assets into an investment, it …

Katerina Cronstedt

Я абсолютно счастливый человек! Принципы жизни Катерины Кронштедт

 В современном мире женщина может все. Мы освоили профессии, ранее считавшиеся исключительно мужскими: от водителя грузовика до премьер министра. Однако, далеко не каждая женщина на определенном этапе своей жизни способна найти верное решение знакомой всем дилеммы: ” погода в доме” и будущее детей или успешная карьера и саморазвитие.  Мнение близких, нормы, принятые в нашем окружении, элементарный страх ошибиться и сломать жизнь себе или детям приводят нас в тупик, включают психологический тормоз, отнюдь не способствующий правильной расстановке приоритетов. Предпринимательнице Катерине Кронштедт одной из немногих удалось решить эту вечную женскую дилемму и найти баланс между семейным счастьем, карьерой и общественной пользой.  Сформулированные ею принципы жизни вполне могут служить (и служат) источником вдохновения для многих. У Катерины прекрасный муж, трое мальчиков погодков, несколько успешно развивающихся проектов и огромное количество новых идей на пути к реализации. Она твердо уверена, что может изменить мир к лучшему и меняет его. Мы поговорили с Катериной о роли семьи, мотивации, страхе и смысле жизни.   Факты: Год рождения: 1980 Семейное положение: замужем, трое сыновей 5-ти, 4-хи 3-х лет Место рождения: Сочи, Россия. В 1989 году …


Does Real Estate Investment Work in Sweden?

As a matter of fact it does. So why continue reading this article if you already know the answer? Read on and learn why real estate investment works in Sweden. Historical data. Swedish real estate prices were far less volatile than, for instance, Norway and Holland between 1875 and 1957. However, since 1981 Swedish real estate values have consistently risen—even during 1991-1994 when economies around the globe suffered.Overall Swedish real estate value has increased 13.2% over the last 120 years. Between 1995 and 2011 real estate prices grew at the average rate of 5.7% annually. Compared even to the USA (0.4% annual increase 1892-2004), this is a surprisingly optimistic number! Big city power! Stockholm and Gothenburg are right now seeing tremendous growth rates. In 2014 and 2015, Stockholm has expanded its real estate worth by 17 %, Gothenburg 19%, and Sweden as a whole 14 %. Location, location, location! Since 2005 the magic number is (+) 61%! This increase in real estate prices is a reflection of a stable, growing economy.And most native Stockholmers would …


Семинар по семейному праву: брачный договор, завещание, раздел имущества при разводе.

Добрый день дорогие друзья, мы  приглашаем вас на семинар по семейному праву в Швеции, которое касается всех и каждого. Его проведет наш юрист Ксения Кристиансен. Этот семинар будет включать в себя три главные темы: Договор между гражданскими супругами.Почему и зачем его нужно составлять? Что обязательно нужно учитывать? Чем отличаются статус sambo от gift с точки зрения семейного права? Завещание. Несмотря на то, что мы предпочитаем об этом не думать – об этом думать надо обязательно, особенно тем, кто живет не на родине и уже имеет детей. Развод и раздел имущества. К чему нужно быть готовыми? Как работает шведская система при разводе? Семинар, как обычно бесплатный. Он  состоится в нашем новом офисе в Стокгольме, в Васастане,  26 сентября в 14:00 дня. КОЛИЧЕСТВО МЕСТ ОГРАНИЧЕНО. Заявку на семинар присылать на адрес с указанием своей имени и фамилии, – мы вышлем вам точный адрес и координаты. Хорошей недели!