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Rejections and King Solomon

Once a very wise king of Jerusalem reigned from 970 to 931 BC. Several stories and legends are devoted to his accomplishments and wisdom. His name was Solomon. According to one legend, Solomon had a ring. Inscribed on this ring was the proverb “Everything goes by, and this too shall pass”. *** It just so happens that sometimes we are rejected by people we love, by corporations we would love to work for, by investors whose money we were hoping to invest, and by countries we would like to travel to. In the situation where emotions are involved, it is sometimes difficult to make appropriate and wise decisions. However, there are some ways we can walk around this dilemma and find a suitable solution. We need to overcome rejection and find forces to keep going—to keep fighting. In a situation involving rejection, sometimes the best solution is to consider an independent point of view. Abstract from the problem. Try to imagine your friend in front of you. He is sad because of rejection, and has a host …


I need a change! I want a change! And I am not afraid of changes! (mantra 2014)

It was 12 o’clock, the New 2014 was coming.  The sound, from opening a bottle of champagne, was muffled with the sounds of fireworks from outside. Magic. I closed my eyes and made it clear to Universe that, “I need a change! I want a change! And I am not afraid of changes!” I remembered about Tony Robbins, one of the my few favorite life coaches and  most popular in the world,  and the video I saw recently where he was talking about the most important human needs/emotions in one of his seminars about depression.  According to him, we all need : Certainty; Uncertainty/Variety; Significance; Love /Connection. The difference between us is inside the question “by how much?” Frankly speaking, I am a person who does not like a variety and changes very much. I have a tremendous need of certainty in some parts of my life. I found that physically difficult just let it go and follow the stream. I got to use to the things quite slowly. I create comfortable zone and enjoy …


10 Ingredients for the Perfect Weekend

The weekend is over. I really enjoyed mine! What about you? This week I followed my perfect weekend recipe and had a wonderful couple of days.  2 days of fun, joy, rest and balance. Here is my favorite recipe for a perfect weekend: Meet some friends whom you have not seen for a while and you miss. Let it be people who make you happy just because you see their faces. Enjoy their company! Sleep. Have a good nights rest and read a book to wake up in the morning. Eat some breakfast and read a book in bed. Enjoy a little bit of nature, breath and exercise: go skiing, running, kayaking, take a boat,  go skating, and/or have a picnic – it depends on the weather. A walk in the park works in any season. Drink a cup of hot cocoa when you return. An active weekend is the best! Watch one movie that you put in your “to watch” list.  Spend time with your family: dinner, a telephone call, a skype call, going to …


Knowledge vs Motivation. You are what you eat.

Knowledge vs Motivation Which one do you think is stronger? Is it more important to have knowledge about how to do the things in the right way or the motivation to complete a task no matter the circumstances? Knowledge is around 5 times weaker than motivation. The passion and motivation will figure out the way! The problem is that the knowledge about how to do something does not necessarily motivate you to grab the bull by the horns and complete the task. Your attitude is the strongest indicator that there will be a the clear connection between your actions and results they lead to. Let’s take an example. Everybody knows that we are what we eat. We know that the food that we put in us has a tremendous impact on our bodies and our health. Even so,  people are still smoking, still drinking, still eating tons of hamburgers and “energetic garbage” (the things that gives energy but lacks nutrition). Only motivation and clear understanding of the causal link will lead us taking action towards …


3 Rules of The Power of Spoken Word

Sometimes people deeply underestimate the power of words.  Some people realize this when they have children. Understanding cam come when we correct our kids’ behavior in the same way that our parents corrected our words and behaviors.  It is in these moments that some peopel realize why they are the way you are and why you are not the way you would like to be. The power of  spoken word. From early childhood we are told to behave, think or act the certain way. This program is instilled onto us by our parents with constant repetition of certain phrases. If you are lucky, these words bring you positive character traits like confidence, motivation, inspiration and  love. If not, these words could be the seeds that plant secret fears in your mind. However, now you are a grown up person, so try to choose the people around you wisely (Read the 2 part of F.R.I.E.D.S. post) because according to Jim Rohn, American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker (and I agree with him), “we are the average …


“Why do we fall?”

This is one of my favourite motivational videos and speeches and the answer on the question “Why do we fall?”.  I’m convinced it could motivate a dead person to wake up and keep fighting. When I am in the gym on the treadmill and I feel like I am done;  that I have no energy left and I need to stop, I just put on this music and start running even faster than before!  Here is this magical video with magical text. Enjoy! []


F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (Part two) Who are they?

What a choice!? – Some of you might say. But choosing friends, the right friends in your life has a great importance.  People have a tendency to become similar to the people they hang out with: lifestyle spending habits, interests, goals, (or lack thereof), attitude towards sports and fitness – everything matters. There are different types of friends: 1. The friends you meet via job, studies or through going to the same gym/trainings/etc. You are quite close with these people since you share common interests: working or studying together. But when these processes are over the friendship might disappear. However, there is a chance that it will last a lifetime. “+ “These people share your passion or professional interests – that is a huge plus, use their support, motivation and knowledge. “-“Maybe you are not that close, sometimes it is better to differentiate people. 2. The friends you go out with. Life is so busy so when you need to go out somewhere and blow of some steam, you know who the “party-girl” or a “mingle-boy” …


F.R.I.E.N.D.S (part one) The Story of Agnes

Friendship is such a huge and interesting subject that I cannot stop writing and rewriting about it again and again. I do not like long texts and always try to keep my posts in the range of one page A4 format, but there is just so much to say about F R I E N D S. I decided to do 3 posts in a row and I chose to elaborate on quotes by F. Dostoyevsky  for todays subject. The author of Crime and Punishment will share his wisdom about life and friendship with you, my dear readers. Choosing friends, the right friends in your life has a great importance. People have a tendency to become similar to the people they hang out with: in lifestyle spending habits, interests, goals (or the absence thereof), attitude towards sports and fitness, eating habits, etc. It’s likely that we cannot see the the subtle influence of our friends taking place, but as the years pass, we “wake up” and analyse our habits and changes in tendencies.  It can be quite shocking …


Life is wonderful

I ran away from cold Sweden to warm and sunny Spain and find myself on one of the Canary Islands for Christmas. I took a friend with me and now everyday is characterized by sleeping, eating, laying on the beach and reading, reading, and more reading. Massage, detox, fresh sea air, meditations and yoga in the mornings at the beach, power walking in the evening… Diving with beautiful fish. I left my computer at home on purpose and took paper books, audio books and beautiful bikinis instead 😉 This picture, full of inspiration, is a special gift for Life as an Investment readers. Merry Christmas! Love,  Norda.


Embracing failure at TEDx Stockholm

This Thusday  TEDx Stockholm was holding an event “Embracing failure” in the heart of Östermalm at Grev Turegatan 30. Life as an Investment visited this event in order to get some new viewpoints on the “failure” from very inspiring speakers: Johan Ernst Nilson –  “environmental explorer”, Tor Rauden Källstigen -CEO & Founder of Loopcam and Mona Sahlin a former Minister of Labor and Deputy Prime Minister in Sweden. All the speakers had something to say and share but the most memorable, logical and clearly formulated points were by Johan Ernst Nilson. Here are some notes that were taken during his speech: 1. Always define your goals. There is very thin line between your dreams and your goals. By giving your dreams a definition, they became goals, and therefore they become achievable. 2. Learn from other people’s mistakes. It is cheaper, easier and less painful. 3. Postpone the success for the later time. If you did not achieve the goal today as you planned, tell yourself, “I have not lost; I just postponed the result I want till the later …