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How to Begin Saving Money

I love investments and I consider myself lucky to find pleasure in it. It’s funny when my boyfriend Robin tries to make heads or tails of all the “financial stuff” I talk about. But at least I know he’s a good listener. The other day he asked me about investment opportunities and how to save to invest. Unfortunately, the  Millennial or Generation Y (Robin and I are contemporaries) framework of spending behaviour  leads us down a path of over consuming and spending money that didn’t exist. So, to spend less we need to change our life-style from consumers to…. something else. We need to change our routines and habits, and that’s the difficult part. The most over-consumed products for young professionals living in cities are clothing and restaurant food (Read more about other most popular spending accounts here). So, changing our life-style and spending habits means buying less of both. But, be prepared to feel a strong sense of emptiness. The power of spending is strong and when it disappears, desolation takes over. Get creative …

April. It is all about money!

April. ‘It is all about money!’

Some of my readers claim that an investment blog should discuss more about actual money investments, and not only discuss the investment of assets like “time”, “lifestyle,” and “connections.” Let’s talk about “the real investments”- The process of investing money for profit. Red Alarm Bulb Some people say that happiness in life is not all about the destination – it’s more about the process. The same idea applies with “money investment” – you need to enjoy the process. If you’re not crazy about the idea of investing because of its association with “limitations” and “saving,” and the red alarm bulb consistently appears somewhere in your brain creating mild anxiety, then I would say it’s about time to learn where, how, and how much. This month I will tell you how to find and harness motivation, as well as save at least 10% of your monthly income, leaving you with a fabulous feeling!   The ugly truth The ugly truth is that I am not a disciplined investor. In fact, not at all.  I remember telling my …