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The courageous you: 10 steps to overcome fear

The courageous you: 10 steps to overcome fear

What are you afraid of? You always wanted to make that step, to speak up for yourself in a toxic relationship, to set on the adventure of your dreams, to stop shaking in the dark and finally feel certain of yourself. But what is it exactly that you fear and how to fight and win over it? Let’s walk through the 10 steps to the courageous you together. This is a summary of what I tell my students during the swimming classes when they face their fear of deep water, but you can certainly apply it to fighting other fears as well. 1. Say hello to your fear. Say it out loud. Write it down in your journal. Don’t pity yourself, don’t avoid any more, don’t come up with excuses and reasons. Just admit it to yourself. Say hello to your fear. Say: “I am afraid of deep water”, “I am afraid of the dark”, “I’m afraid for my family alienating me forever”, “I’m afraid of…”.  Write it down. Admitting what you are afraid of to …

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Money Spending Habits — Take the Leap and Make a Change

How many times have you eaten that LAST burger? Millions of people promise themselves a new start on Monday, but typically nothing happens and the promises continue week after week—sounds familiar? Old habits are hard to kick. Admit it—life is crazy. Having two arms is not enough to carry and operate those devices we so much rely on to get us through the day. No doubt, it depends on what we do to earn a paycheck. Personally, I write at least 20 emails and answer about 15 telephone calls per day. I cannot begin to tell you the amount of social media applications I maintain per day. If you are like me, then we need a solution…and FAST! When we are under such demanding circumstances, we get lost and find it hard to ACT AND STRATEGICALLY MAKE CHANGES WITH POSITIVE END RESULTS. It isn’t difficult remembering to call somebody back or to put together a list of things to do. Challenging is to make overall changes in your lifestyle, behavior, etc. Ok, so you made …