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Startups: How to get funding?

Sooner or later all startups need funding, and cash is the fuel to get it driving in the right direction. But where will that cash come from? There are a lot of variants involved—such as size, age and industry in which the startup will operate. These elements as well as desired growth expectations will need to be defined before pinpointing and attaining financial resources. For those who are in the beginning phase (seed phase), finding the right partnership with an investor is crucial. A solid and trustworthy partnership with an investor takes time and effort. Again, it’s a b**** because you need to minimize failures and maximize successes. You need to know HOW to choose your target group of possible investors. Ok, you are at the beginning of making your business a reality. You have a clear picture of how it’s supposed to work….and maybe you have already developed the product (or service). And now you need the fuel. The best investors are actually 1. Your clients! Make your clients pay you first, explains Anna Söderblom, …