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Thomas Brandt

Real Estate Investment Strategy #4: Let’s Go Bigger

We already discussed buying single private properties, now let’s talk about buying more than one, and of course, renting them out (Sweden). Today our guest is Thomas Brandt, who 17 years ago used his profits derived from his IT consulting firm to purchase four apartments house in Örebro. Today Brandt owns about 250 apartments and runs his own business known as Explicar Affärsutveklirebrong AB. We met Thomas at his office in Stockholm and talked about how to invest, start and run a property management company. How did you start? 17 years ago I realized that the economic climate within the IT industry was becoming stagnant. And because I made some money in the past with my IT firm, I decided to invest in stable, profit-generating long-term assets. So, since I had relatives who owned and operated properties, I decided myself to buy some as well—in Örebro. I knew nothing about property management at the time. Where do you buy? Because I don’t have hundreds of millions in my accounts, I buy houses in relatively smaller cities, …


Real Estate Investment Strategy #3: Book–Sell

One of my favorite real estate investment strategies that works well in Sweden is Book-Sell (read here about Buy-Repair- Sell and Buy-Rent- Sell ). Book-Sell  involves new construction projects where you book, for example, an apartment at a planned building site and sell it before the  house and apartment are even finished. There are a lot of construction companies out there with a long-standing history of building and doing business. The Purchasing Process First you need to locate a building project. Search the net and you’ll find what you’re looking for. Next, after finding a suitable project and location, contact a broker about selling you one or more of the apartments. Once a real estate firm has accepted you as a client, you will need pay anywhere from 20k – 50k (SEK) as a booking fee, then 8-10 months later you will be required to pay and extra 80k – 100k (SEK) to secure the ownership of the real estate (binding agreement). Booking details vary with different construction companies, but for the most part, they are all very similar. (Pros) …