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Maltese Start-Ups Do Exist

Life as an Investment has asked again our dear friend – Anastasiia Linnas  – a finance and marketing consultant, start-up lover and blogger, to be our guest author and  introduce our dear readers this time to Maltese start -ups.  If you haven’t heard of Maltese start-ups, you soon will because right now they are major players in Europe’s hub of start-ups. In Malta, there is an impressive range of start-ups emerging, and in this article you will learn about the more significant ones which contribute to the islands start-up DNA. Similar to Estonian’s start-up scene with Skype at its centre, the Maltese start-up concept is quickly catching on with the help of GFI Software. GFI Software is now a global IT company valued at approximately $500million (2013), with one of its divisions planted in Malta and responsible for key developments and progressions. GFI is probably best known for its TeamViewer product (acquired by Permira in 2014), as well as security, anti-malware and cloud services. One very successfull start-up in Malta, Altaro, was founded in 2009 by two …


New Sushi Roll Concept Hits Stockholm

We all have busy lives and there is no changing that perception until retirement. It’s just a plain fact that today’s society demands everything in an instant, so who really has the time to wait, especially when it comes to grabbing a “quick” healthy bite to eat. Here in Stockholm “grab-and-go” meals are limited. Even worse is that many Stockholmers may have food allergies, be vegetarians, or even diabetic and simply cannot eat what is available   Sushirullen STHLM AB  Founded 2012 -10- 01 Launched 2013-11-02 Founders Johan Falk (32 years old) and Margarita Falk (30 years old) First investment 400 000 sek Locations Drottninggatan 70, Stockholm, Sweden Nybrogatan 18, Stockholm, Sweden (grand opening 13-06-2014) Sergels torget (stay updated, coming soon) Amount of employees 12 Do not miss free sushi rolls on 13 th of June from 12:00 till 16:00 at Nybrogatan 18.   Meet the Falk family—two young and inspiring entrepreneurs who’s Sushirullen (the sushi roll) concept has become a great alternative for thousands of on-the-go Stockholmers. The fast food industry is ready to be changed! …