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What is success? And how does it feel?

 In the end of December JS from Successful Styles  visited  Anna and Oxana founders of Life as an Investment and talked to them about success and their way to where they are now. Anna and Oxana are also founders of Kamishi AB, and Stockholm International Swimming Club….. Originally published at Successful Styles. Every time I meet Anna it is like a new page opens up. It is unimaginable how much she knows, understands and is curious about. I don’t even remember the first time I met this girl, but what I do remember pretty good about her is her fiery mental strength. She is always hungry for learning more and does it in the best way she can. It seems to me it never matters whether it’s hard or not, she’ll do it anyways. When I mentioned that I want to write about her success, she instantly suggested inviting her closest friend and a business partner Oxana Sachenkova. The way she was talking about their friendship could not be ignored. Her story clearly wouldn’t be complete. There was no doubt these …


Financially Fearless

I have a recommendation for a useful, smart and long-rewarding present: a financial education book titled Financially Fearless: The LearnVest Program for Taking Control of your Money (published 31 December 2013) written by the young and inspiring Alexa von Tobel. This book makes a great Christmas present (or a gift for any occasion) that a parent can give to their child 18 – 26 years old (more financial education books to choose). But really, how many of us have our finances under complete control? According to Alexa von Tobel, 76 percent of all working Americans live from paycheck to paycheck. So basically, three out of four Americans are uncertain about their financial status, and the financial decisions they make. To live paycheck to paycheck is a “ no plan” of action and a bad choice. “You cannot be ignorant,” says Alexa. Financially Fearless: The LearnVest Program for Taking Control of Your Money is full of tasks and questions—and working through these exercises will help anyone build a solid foundation for future financial decision making skills …

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In Wake of the Stockholm Tech Fest, Part I: Diversity

Week 36 in Stockholm the tech scene was in full swing! It was highlighted by a Swedish- based company known as Klarna – who arranged the event which was devoted exclusively to tech-creative women. The “Women Create Tech” theme gathered over a 1000 women at Klarna’s headquarters to talk about their role in the hottest investment field in the country – IT. According to official statistics  in 2013, investments in the Technology field increased by 60%. Following the Klarna event, the “Stockholm Tech Fest” took place, attracting over 2000 participants – the largest ever in Sweden. At the conclusion of “Tech Week” in Stockholm, Life as an Investment ran the “Wild Women Do” workshop organized by Marie Milligan, Pyladies Stockholm and sponsored by Lifesum. When the three-day marathon was over Merenlin and I sat down in a café trying to sort out the “reality” of what just took place. The STHLM Tech Fest raised a wave of discussions on in the media about diversity in the tech industry. Some of the comments and posts had …