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F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (Part two) Who are they?


What a choice!? – Some of you might say. But choosing friends, the right friends in your life has a great importance.  People have a tendency to become similar to the people they hang out with: lifestyle spending habits, interests, goals, (or lack thereof), attitude towards sports and fitness – everything matters.

There are different types of friends:

1. The friends you meet via job, studies or through going to the same gym/trainings/etc.

You are quite close with these people since you share common interests: working or studying together. But when these processes are over the friendship might disappear. However, there is a chance that it will last a lifetime.

“+ “These people share your passion or professional interests – that is a huge plus, use their support, motivation and knowledge.

“-“Maybe you are not that close, sometimes it is better to differentiate people.

2. The friends you go out with.

Life is so busy so when you need to go out somewhere and blow of some steam, you know who the “party-girl” or a “mingle-boy” is. You know whom to call to invite to the cinema and whom to the rock concert. You may not be very close with this people, but it works to party and spend time together time to time.

“+” Network, connections.

“-“ Are these people your real friends?

friendship 2

3. The friends you miss.

This category of friends is the people whom you are really missing if you have not seen them for a while or have not talked to them by phone or chat.  For these people, you can move things on your schedule and make time to prioritize them.  Usually you get a feeling that you are returning home when you are with them.

“+” Love giving, support, sharing everything with each other.

“-“ Sometimes these people know too much information about you, and you need to be extremely careful when choosing them.

4.  Friends  you write down in the form “in the case of emergency, please contact_____.”  

These are people you call first when you fall in love, got a job or have a great loss in your life. You share happiness with them, as well as large and small problems. They might be your mentors. Their opinion is important to you; you listen to their advice and are always ready to help them.

“+” These people are your family. No less. Mentor.

“-“ As in every family there might be some problems, which take time and energy to solve.

A truly loving and healthy friendship is difficult to find.

Take a minute and think about your friends.

What group do they come from?

Do your friends have the same profession as you? Same hobby, religion or interests?

How do you met them?

And WHY? why have you become friends with them???

Write down a list of names and try to find an explanation as to why are you friends with each particular person. Write at least 3….

P.S.Maybe you would like to add some other type of friends?

Share your ideas!



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