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Rejections and King Solomon

Once a very wise king of Jerusalem reigned from 970 to 931 BC. Several stories and legends are devoted to his accomplishments and wisdom. His name was Solomon.

According to one legendSolomon_ring_eng, Solomon had a ring. Inscribed on this ring was the proverb “Everything goes by, and this too shall pass”.


It just so happens that sometimes we are rejected by people we love, by corporations we would love to work for, by investors whose money we were hoping to invest, and by countries we would like to travel to.

In the situation where emotions are involved, it is sometimes difficult to make appropriate and wise decisions. However, there are some ways we can walk around this dilemma and find a suitable solution. We need to overcome rejection and find forces to keep going—to keep fighting.

In a situation involving rejection, sometimes the best solution is to consider an independent point of view.

Abstract from the problem. Try to imagine your friend in front of you. He is sad because of rejection, and has a host of complicated problems that are not easy to solve (he has the same problems as you).Think a bit, what advice you would give him?

Focus on priorities and future-plans. Make a list of priorities for today, next week, next month, and even next year. Try to explain to yourself WHY you are setting these priorities and how you are going to begin setting them.

What did today’s rejection tell you about the work you have been doing? Maybe there is room for improvement.

Find the source of energy—the source of inspiration. Everybody needs a source of energy and inspiration. There are actually many ways to do this, so I would like to ask YOU to find inspiration. Try not to look for role models, rather look back in your own life and search for the vital inspiration that helped you overcome and succeed during hard times.

I started writing entries in a diary when I was only twelve years old. Since then, I have been writing from time to time, especially when something extremely positive happened, as well as when I was faced with real problems in my life. All of my successes AND failures are in my diary.

When something difficult happens, I start to panic—my insides then begin to plead “Oh, dear Lord! What to do? What to do?” Straight away, I grab my diary and start reading. There, in the diary, I found myself with a broken heart, crying hysterically about how I can live without him (a man, I do not even remember now), as well as countless other setbacks. Eventually I realized that YES, I have overcome and conquered all of my problems and break ups. I became stronger! I became the better version of me! I am inspired and ready to keep fighting on—happiness is the cure! Happiness is what I deserve (and all of you too)!

Try to find something positive in any situation. Play the game “the positive thing about this is…” and try to find at least three reasons why it is good to bemadonna-rejection-letter__oPt at your place right now.

Believe me, you will always find reasons! Just think globally and never ever give up!

Here is an example of a rejection letter that Madonna received before her success story began!

Enjoy and get inspired!


When Solomon was sad and had difficulties, he looked to this ring for inspiration. It wasn’t long before he realized that problems come, and problems go.

Many years later, when the King knew that his days were numbered, he began focusing even more on the two phrases, “Everything goes by” and “And this too shall pass.” Unexpectedly, he saw a third phrase inscribed on the inner edge of the ring, “Nothing goes by.”







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