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5 main steps for the perfect elevator pitch

If you an entrepreneur with an amazing idea and want to pitch it to your friends or even an investor, get ready to experience sweaty palms and rosy, red cheeks. Why?

Because you never have a second chance to make a first impression!

Here are some tips to avoid screwing it up:

    I.         Make a plan and write it down.

 Here is a plan: The American Express advice US makes it simple and useful.

You never have a second chance to make a first impression FIRST BLOCK

1)    Name of your business

2)    Your product/services

3)    Market segment

4)    Problem solving


 1)    Why your product is needed

2)    Which problems can it solve (this makes life easier, saves time and is more productive)

3)    Why are you better than the competition—USP


1)    Sales & Profitability Statement

2)    End with a statement about what you are looking to accomplish

  II.         Repeat your pitch format again, and again.

 In front of mirror or video camera, run through your offer at least a few times. Also, pitch your idea in front of friends and ask them to be critical by asking several questions.

Overall, if you repeat your sales pitch to roughly ten different people you should be prepared to answer a wider range of questions during the “actual” sales meeting.

You need to achieve the certain level of confidence in your knowledge about what you are trying to express. When the words begin to flow naturally from your mouth in rhythm and sequence, you’re probably ready.

  III.         Now watch what you recorded

Pay close attention to your body language and facial expressions. Here is a very useful video from TED by Amy Cuddy “Your body language shapes who you are”.  Strongly recommended!

  IV.         Speak simple without generalizing

Try pitching the idea as if you were speaking to a five-year-old child—if a child can understand it, an adult most certainly can too.

    V.         Remember practice makes perfect!


Good luck!







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