Month: September 2014

What do you want to be when you grow up?

When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.” ― John Lennon We are all scared of change – and have been since the dawn of time. It is hard-wired into our brains through evolution….so our first reaction to “change” is to run from it or simply avoid it. It is the classic “fight or flight” reaction to the underlying fear associated with change. Even if you truly want your life to be different, it will be incredibly difficult to take that first leap….and then adapt. If you are someone who is yearning for change, that is, changing for the better, then please read on. Here’s something to consider when you’re on the verge of taking that first step. Think of this concept as a mental “exercise” to help …


(THIS IS THE SECOND PART. Read the first part here) Things weren’t that bad at Stockholm Tech Fest. We actually got to meet some very talented and creative people in the Tech industry….people who are changing the future….people who we chose to discuss here today. In fact, one of them won the Life as an Investment Award!   Detectify Built in 2012 CEO Rickard Carlsson Who are they? Detectify audits your site’s security so that you can focus on web development. They were born from the simple concept that the internet is broken—and now today we have a full-blown SaaS application that has moved-on to become one of the most exciting new companies in web security. Why are you the hottest and the coolest start-up in the Stockholm Tech scene right now? Our competitors do not perform as well as you would expect.  We are a security company, and that means preserving confidentiality and integrity.  Our competitors cannot keep up with the ever-evolving web landscape. And beyond that, we can hack right through you. …

(c) Image courtesy of Klarna

In Wake of the Stockholm Tech Fest, Part I: Diversity

Week 36 in Stockholm the tech scene was in full swing! It was highlighted by a Swedish- based company known as Klarna – who arranged the event which was devoted exclusively to tech-creative women. The “Women Create Tech” theme gathered over a 1000 women at Klarna’s headquarters to talk about their role in the hottest investment field in the country – IT. According to official statistics  in 2013, investments in the Technology field increased by 60%. Following the Klarna event, the “Stockholm Tech Fest” took place, attracting over 2000 participants – the largest ever in Sweden. At the conclusion of “Tech Week” in Stockholm, Life as an Investment ran the “Wild Women Do” workshop organized by Marie Milligan, Pyladies Stockholm and sponsored by Lifesum. When the three-day marathon was over Merenlin and I sat down in a café trying to sort out the “reality” of what just took place. The STHLM Tech Fest raised a wave of discussions on in the media about diversity in the tech industry. Some of the comments and posts had …

Share Happiness Challenge

People spend years pursuing happiness… searching for it, hoping to get it one day. The truth is that we already have it inside us, around us – everywhere! We just need to learn to recognise it! Life as an investment started #100daysofhappiness challenge and already 3 days in a row posting The Happy Pics on @lifeasaninvestment Instagram account and Pinterest account   Join us in the move in discovering, realising and enjoying happiness everyday of our lives! Post and repost our pictures using hashtags #100daysofhappiness and #lifeasaninvestment to participate in this happiness challenge. Make the world a little bit nicer and kinder and happier place to live! Open your eyes! Open your heart! Share LOVE! Share JOY! Share HAPPINESS!