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You’re Not a Turtle, You’re a Dog! – Motivational Story

Sometimes when people work, study, or even live together—they tend to examine each other and make comparisons. Eventually, if not immediately, one can find themselves battling inner conflict brought on by consciously or sub-consciously deciding that “I’m not as smart as the person next to me.” This way of thinking is a distraction and negative, and usually leads to giving-up and quitting. It is a feeling that eats from the inside and leads to nothing good or positive.

As I once mentioned before in another post, Merenlin and myself teach adults how to swim (breast stroke) and how to stay calm (especially those who have had a traumatic experience) in water. We enjoy working with them the most because it is difficult for them to change old habits and easily adapt to function normally in water.

Somewhere near the midpoint of the course I tell a story about a turtle and a dog. I tell this story because It helps the inner voice say “I can…I am good enough!” The voice that says the opposite needs to be killed at once.


You’re Not a Turtle, You’re a Dog!


One time a turtle and a dog decided to compete in a running and swimming competition. After taking private lessons and training long hours, the day had come to finally square-off. They began with the running race—and hands-down the dog won easily. But the turtle did finish the race—it may have taken longer time but it still achieved its goal: to compete with a big heart and finish the race.

A month later the swim-across-the-lake competition took place. And guess who won? That’s right, the turtle. But the dog had achieved its goal: complete the race.

All people are unique and have distinct possibilities (and I hate to say) limits. But it does not mean that a turtle or a dog cannot compete in a marathon. Everybody can achieve their goals! If you are a bird, don’t compare yourself to a snake! Pace yourself based on your own abilities and preferences….Believe me, one day you too will complete a marathon-like contest and be incredibly satisfied—just like our two friends, the dog and the turtle.

 Everybody is exceptional. This is what makes life so wonderful and challenging. So remember, never compare yourself to anyone—only compare to yourself. And never give up on your dreams. Don’t even think about it! If you’re a turtle, you’re not a dog….if you’re a dog, you’re not a turtle.

You are You!

The one and only.



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