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Best Swimming Pools in the Stockholm Region

We spend so much time in Stockholm’s swimming pools with NO FEAR Swim Kamishi swimming school that we feel the need to tell you the truth about them. We consider pools that are best suited for:

  • Training
  • Spending time with kids

Our absolute favorites are:
All year round

Sundbyberg Simhall
Bergaliden 1, 172 77 Sundbyberg

sculptor Backa Carin Ivarsdotter

(Pros) Sundbyberg Simhall has been completely renovated and extended. The facility is very clean, comfortable, and spacious. There are two training pools, each twenty-five meters in length (one with adjustable floor), as well as a kid’s pool and a baby pool. The baby pool was designed by Swedish sculptor Backa Carin Ivarsdotter (see picture above). Overall, the facility is very kid-friendly. It is even possible to sunbathe there during the summer time. The personnel are a friendly, great team. In addition to having among the lowest admission prices in city, the facility includes a gym.

(Cons) If you are training, they tend to group two lines in one, and ask you to swim in Swedish “motionsim”, which means that you have to swim next to a wall for part of your training session. For those who swim crawl or backstroke, this may make training very uncomfortable . Additionally, there are no fifty-meter lines.


Hammarby Slussväg 20, 118 60 Stockholm

Eriksdalsbadet is among best swimming pools in the Stockholm region. It is also the home of the Swedish national team.
 (Pros) Eriksdalsbadet is the largest swimming pool in Stockholm. You might end up swimming next to world champions and Olympic champions – what better motivation? The facility has a fifty and a twenty-five meter pool, two hot-tubs, a kid’s adventure pool with a slide, a wild river, and a whirlpool. There is also a baby pool and two outside pools, which are usually open from the middle of May until the end of September.
(Cons) The training pool is big, and the more people there are, the dirtier it is at the end of the day. The café at the entrance serves pad Thai and burgers with French fries. After training, you might want to eat everything there – the smell of the food wafts tantalisingly into twenty-five meter pool. Finally, the entry price is expensive.

  In the summer time 

Sveavägen 142, 113 46 Stockholm


If you are lucky, and Swedish summer is sunny and warm, then you want to spend it here. Vanadisbadet is the first Swedish outdoor pool, originally built in 1938, and renovated in 2014-2015. The facility includes a small baby pool, a kid’s pool, and one twenty-five meter pool. Located in the historical center of Stockholm on the hill, the facility boasts stunning views of the mountains on one side, and the charming roofs of Stockholm and Sveavägen on the other.(Pros) New, clean, stunning vies, convenient open hours.
(Cons) Limited amount of lanes, might be crowded, only 25 meters lines available.


Huvudsta Gård, 171 73 Solna


(Pros) This beautiful fifty-meter pool is surrounded by trees and is perfect for long-distance training. You could even combine your swimming regimen with a run in the park nearby! The pool is heated, so swimmers can enjoy a long and pleasant season– there is also a sauna if you get too cold. The facility is a favorite among triathletes, so if you are active, you have a great chance of meeting like-minded people. il_fullxfull.196107063If you are an early bird (fish?), you can swim in the mornings at a reduced price. The kids won’t get bored either; there are two smaller pools for playing, and a big, grassy field nearby for even more fun.
(Cons) Unlike the other facilities mentioned in the article, which are state-owned, Huvudstabadet is owned by a private company, Medley. This means higher prices, and the equipment may not always be in the best condition.


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