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Why do people give up?

Have you ever thought about why people give up? What makes us stop believing in ourselves? In our ideas and companies?
Below are 7 possible reasons/suggestions that cause people to throw in the towel and give up. If you’re an entrepreneur—read on!

1. Unrealistic Expectations

Our lives are unfortunately programmed to get fast results with just about everything we do. You post a picture on Instagram—you get likes. You post a status on Facebook—you get comments. Life has become a circus of procrastination and fast results. However, we all know that in the real world results usually come after years of trying. It’s true and nobody wants to hear it.

2. Fear of Failure

We all fear the idea of failing. The more success stories we hear, the more we fear success. When I ask people what they would do if they had only two years left to live, the fear of failing is no longer an issue. Do not be afraid of failure. Ebba von Sydow, Swedish journalist and tv host says, “Every time I make a mistake, I understand that I am one step closer to a Nobel prize”.  Read here how to  change attitude and overcome  fear.

3. Give up too fast

Who said it was going to be easy? If it’s so easy, everyone would do it! Everything requires more than one effort. If you hit the wall trying, just understand that there are going to be walls as you strive to reach goals—walls are part of the journey. And leave behind anyone who is not ready to smash through walls and make it happen.fear of mistake

4. Feeling Pity

Every sports competitor knows that feeling pity is not allowed. The moment you do….you fall to pieces. Never feel pity for yourself. Try watching a video from Paralympics, and you’ll never feel pity again. Do not compare yourself to anybody – it’s a trap! 

6. Work Smart, Not Hard

Workaholics...I was once one, but I quickly began to notice {because of a lack of sleep and relaxation} that I became sick more often and therefore unproductive. Think of yourself as an electronic device that needs charging—like every 14 hours. If you don’t charge, you don’t perform! So, draw the line, switch off your phone, don’t take a laptop to bed, and get EIGHT hours sleep every day!

7. Your problems are not unique

Your client left you, your partner put you through betrayal, and guess what? Shit happens! And it happens to everyone! Believe it or not, your competitors have the same problems. Imagining possibilities instead! In lean startups there is a term known as Pivot. It means “point of rotation”. Sometimes things don’t work out the way you expect, but the results are OK. Here, you see results that could have been better—and realize it’s time to pivot. The Instagram story is case in point. Prior to their pivot, Instagram was html5- foursquare. And after the pivot they became one of the most popular photo apps ever.
Know any more reasons?

Let’s discuss them and try to find solutions!

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