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Tech & Law Startups – Stockholm Style

Ksenia Today our guest author is Ksenia Christiansen, legal counsel of Kamishi AB, with her review of tech startups from Stockholm, Sweden, which are on the way to revolutionize the LAW industry.  Welcome!  

 If you’re looking for trends, turn your attention to the Unicorn Valley of Stockholm—a place where the entire city pulse can be felt.

This year is a pinnacle year for law and tech businesses—both riding the wave of success by combining their efforts and creating a contract law/business sphere. With convenience at the fore front, contract and judicial processes can now be executed by a simple computer click.

The three startups that stand out (which may be helpful to you as an entrepreneur) are summed up in this article.

Here are the hottest Tech & Law Startups – Stockholm style:

pricelyPrecisely www.precisely.se

The site is built to create standard agreements that are needed for startups. An obvious, perfect choice if you are starting a company and need basic guideline agreements. The contracts were good and informative.
The best part of this company’s market strategy is that you can have five ongoing projects for free, every month! You can, however, choose to have more than 5 projects—but then it will cost 399 SEK and up, each month.
Signing documents on this site are done digitally—this process makes it easy to sign and save documents, even with contractors in a foreign country. So, since the contracts are in Swedish, you will need to create your own “project document” to send an agreement in English.


Avtal24 has an impressive range of standard contracts that can be customized…for a fee. Therefore, I cannot accurately comment on quality here because they do not offer a free trial membership. The previous company [Precisely] let me try their services before I decide to go premium. Here at Avtal24 you have to chance it. They do, on the other hand, have customer reviews—but that alone does not indicate whether contracts are good enough to hold up in court.
What Avtal24 does offer is an affordable 12-month access key to all the contracts you need as a company for only 790 SEK. That’s a good deal! But, you can’t see if documents are in Swedish or in English, which makes it tricky to work with people outside Sweden. Also, there’s information regarding signature signing. Then again, they did begin to develop the site www.agreement24.com – but you can’t find the English version.

swiftcourt-710x270Swiftcourt – www.swiftcourt.se

The cost of resolving disputes is ridiculously high, especially if you lose the case. Not anymore! As an entrepreneur, you can now have disputes resolved for a flat fee of 50 SEK! I find this to be a cheap way of avoiding high-cost dispute procedures—even more so if you’re in a partnership and want to resolve issues quickly.
But if you choose this {50 SEK} process of resolution, will it be possible to appeal judgment in ordinary court? Probably.
The bottom line is that this particular offer to solve disputes is geared to less significant cases that probably never get appealed.
Today, for business law to be cost effective and efficient, it needs to continue down the path of digitalization and process breakdowns in order to support the growth of bright entrepreneurs.


Ksenia at STHLM Tech Fest 2015

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