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This blog is about how to never give up, about motivation, about inspiration and leadership, and of course about how to invest wisely in YOU!

Life as an Investment

Be it your MONEY , your BODY, your SOUL, or your emotional wellbeing, view them all from an investment perspective. Your job—does it lead you to your dreams and aspirations? Your money—does it work for you or are you constantly chasing it? Do you invest your time wisely in your health and life goals? Your hobbies—did you choose them? Did somebody choose them for you through influence? The food you eat—is it healthy? Are you conscience of what you consume?

“We are all made of stars” and the main idea is to live YOUR life, to let YOUR stars shine and YOUR potential turn a profit.

Start YOUR Life Now!

The People Behind the Magazine

Author, Founder

anna nordNord A — Anna N. Kazakova
M.S. in AccountingStockholm University
Originally from Russia and now living in Stockholm, Sweden, Anna holds a broad range of experience stemming from her backround in marketing, HR, sales, and accounting.  Anna is also a swimming instructor at SSIF.
Personality: Extraverted, adventurous, multitasking and curious, red head.
Sport: Triathlon, on the way to Ironman.


“A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for” , William G.T. Shedd.

How to reach me: Skype me: annaredgirl or follow me on Instagram: @angelwithoutwing; Or just drop me a line at info [at] lifeasaninvestment.com

Tech Support & Author

DSC_0809MerenlinOxana Sachenkova

M.S. Computer Science—Chalmers University of Technology
Also originally from Russia, Oxana currently resides in Solna, Sweden. She has two big passions—technology and health. One way or another, Oxana is always involved in a fusion of web, big data, machine learning, and all things life science such as genetics and biochemistry.  She and Nord A met through having a common interest—swimming. Oxana also teaches swimming at SSIF.
Personality: INFJ
Sport: Swimming, on the way to triathlon

”Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.”—Steve

How to reach me: Follow me on Twitter: @Merenlin or visit my personal site www.merenlin.com; Or just drop me a line at info [at] lifeasaninvestment.com


gilbertDarin O’Connor

B.A. Finance—Stockton State University
Growing up in New Jersey, USA, to some extent Darin has settled in Malung, Sweden. He is a part time freelance writer (fiction/non-fiction) and editor always looking to help.
Personality: Moderately mellow
Sport: Baseball, biking, running, stretching


”The purpose of technology is not confuse the brain but to serve the body.”—William S. Burroughs

How to reach me: darinoconnor@outlook.com

Logo designer

Gilbert RousseauGilbert Rousseau – is a French Canadian graphic designer and illustrator, now living in the wilds of  Sigtuna, Sweden.

Personality: Terribly Canadian. Sorry about that.

Passion/ Sport: Drawing. Creating. Living…..Comic books. Reading. Montreal Expos and Expo 67……Punk Music Elitist…….and perfecting the perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie.


”Live each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each.”-Thoreau

How to reach me:  gilbertrousseausweden@gmail.com


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