Year: 2015

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Happy New Year!

Dear all,  It is only a few hours left of 2015.  Soon a new year will come with 365 new days, 365 new opportunities. I hope you will not miss them! I wish you all harmony, happiness and love. Thank you for being with us. See you soon in 2016! Happy New Year! Always yours,  Anna N. Kazakova. 


What is success? And how does it feel?

 In the end of December JS from Successful Styles  visited  Anna and Oxana founders of Life as an Investment and talked to them about success and their way to where they are now. Anna and Oxana are also founders of Kamishi AB, and Stockholm International Swimming Club….. Originally published at Successful Styles. Every time I meet Anna it is like a new page opens up. It is unimaginable how much she knows, understands and is curious about. I don’t even remember the first time I met this girl, but what I do remember pretty good about her is her fiery mental strength. She is always hungry for learning more and does it in the best way she can. It seems to me it never matters whether it’s hard or not, she’ll do it anyways. When I mentioned that I want to write about her success, she instantly suggested inviting her closest friend and a business partner Oxana Sachenkova. The way she was talking about their friendship could not be ignored. Her story clearly wouldn’t be complete. There was no doubt these …


Is a 24-hour day enough?

After the our with Oxana project went into STING TEST DRIVE , I began asking myself “ Is a 24-hour day enough? ” At first I was positive that it will be. Preparing the seminars, reading, collecting information and writing about the process…AND having time for my private life—yeah right! Six weeks later, on the final week of presentations, I finally found time to grab a keyboard and write about STING TEST DRIVE program that we underwent. And the first issue I wanted to discuss is time management.  WHY? Why do we have only 24 hours? I have no idea! But I do know that even if we had 48 hours in one day it still wouldn’t be enough! Here are some tips on how to organize the day and save your precious time, that I figured out during STING TEST DRIVE program: Sleep I don’t know about you but if I don’t get 7.5 to eight hours of sleep every day, I’m a total zombie! My productivity decreases and my chances of getting sick increase. And If I get sick, say goodbye …

Santa swimming

10 Best Budget-Friendly Christmas Presents for Swimmers

Swimming is like religion for those who spend more time in water than out of water. If you’re lucky to be a swimmer, and have friends who are swimmers, here are 10 solid tips for the perfect Christmas gift. 1. Medal Holder Competitive swimmers usually don’t know how to display their medals, so they usually end up siting in a box, placed on a shelf somewhere in a closet. This is a great way to display medals….and encourage more training to win more medals!    2. Swimming Towel These towels are not easy to find! They are special microfiber towels that absorb more than regular bath towels….and are extremely compact. A must have for every swimmer! 3. Remarkable Swimming Gear TYR created the special collection The Finals Funnies. This collection is true to its name—pure fun! A combination of great quality and bright colors….especially useful during those dull fall days in the pool. I bought myself that one. There are models for guys too. 4. Book Swimmers do read, but we prefer to read about …

Decorative Scales of Justice in the Courtroom

Tech & Law Startups – Stockholm Style

 Today our guest author is Ksenia Christiansen, legal counsel of Kamishi AB, with her review of tech startups from Stockholm, Sweden, which are on the way to revolutionize the LAW industry.  Welcome!    If you’re looking for trends, turn your attention to the Unicorn Valley of Stockholm—a place where the entire city pulse can be felt. This year is a pinnacle year for law and tech businesses—both riding the wave of success by combining their efforts and creating a contract law/business sphere. With convenience at the fore front, contract and judicial processes can now be executed by a simple computer click. The three startups that stand out (which may be helpful to you as an entrepreneur) are summed up in this article. Here are the hottest Tech & Law Startups – Stockholm style: Precisely – The site is built to create standard agreements that are needed for startups. An obvious, perfect choice if you are starting a company and need basic guideline agreements. The contracts were good and informative. The best part of this …


Hello November

Hello November! The leaves are almost done falling from their perspective trees, and the nights are now longer. November has arrived! And the city of Stockholm is preparing for winter and gearing up for its holiday retail season! But for myself and Oxana Sachenkova, Thursday November the 5th is a day we anticipate with excitement. We will be entering the STING Test Drive Program with our project. Our startup project  is called Hoamly: a online platform that will change the way people buy real estate in Sweden! We are honored to be accepted to this program… and look forward to sharing it with all of you. Get an inside look of how the program proceeded, and our personal experience in a follow up article coming soon. AND be ready to get weekly reports and updates in our entrepreneurship category. Hope you all enjoy being with us! Yours always, Anna Kazakova and the Life as an Investment Team.


Отчет о семинаре “Покупка и продажа недвижимости на этапе строительства в Стокгольме”

В субботу состоялся наш семинар о покупке и продажи недвижимости на этапе строительства в Стокгольме. Было так приятно видеть прекрасных девушек, заинтересованных в инвестициях в недвижимость! Все участницы получили огромное количество необходимой и очень полезной информации по теме и теперь, во всеоружии, готовы совершать сделки со строительными компаниями. Сколько нужно для начала? 100 000 крон – достаточно! Иногда, даже меньше! «Знание – это сила!» – участники нашего семинара в этом несомненно убедились! Новая концепция небольшого взноса за семинар и ограниченного количества участников до 10 человек – оправдала себя. Пришли действительно заинтересованные слушатели. Семинар длился почти на 2 !! часа дольше, чем мы планировали, но как же замечательно видеть таких интересующихся людей, которые хотят понять лучше и вникнуть в такую обширную тему! Тема нового семинара еще не утверждена. Расскажите нам о чем вы хотите узнать!  Мы готовы делиться с вами нашим знанием о том, что прекрасно знаем сами, а именно по темам бизнеса, юриспруденции, инвестиций и налогов. Присылайте предло жения по новым семинарам на Больше фотографий с семинара можно найти здесь. Как покупать и продавать …


Как покупать и продавать недвижимость на этапе строительства в Швеции?

Дорогие друзья, Мы приглашаем вас на семинар в субботу, 31 октября в 14.00 по теме «Покупка, продажа и инвестирование в недвижимость на этапе строительства в Стокгольме», который поможет сэкономить от нескольких сотен тысяч крон до миллиона при покупки недвижимости в Швеции. Как покупать и продавать недвижимость на этапе строительства в Швеции? На семинаре мы расскажем о том, как происходит покупка и продажа жилья в новостройках в Швеции, почему выгодно покупать на этапе строительства и как правильно выбирать квартиры, если ваша цель инвестирование. Вы получите список всех компаний застройщиков в Стокгольме плюс дополнительную информацию о специфике работы с некоторыми из них. Двери открываются 14.00, семинар начинается в 14.30 и продлится 1 час. После этого у всех присутствующих будет 30 минут на вопросы. Чай и кофе для участников семинара.


Dry-land Exercises for Swimmers: Breaststroke

Help your body to develop muscles so the muscles will help you to swim longer and faster. Together with  Kamishi Swimming School we prepared a wonderful set of dryland exercises for swimmers that  they usually provide to their BREASTSTROKE swimmers. It is a selection of exercises from Swimming Anatomy book by Ian McLeod. All of them you can do at the GYM. ARMS Standing Double-Arm Triceps Pushdown With Rope This exercise is good for every type of stroke, but especially for breaststroke. It mimics the final portion of the underwater pull performed off the start and each turn wall. “In the starting position your hands are at your midline. As the elbows are extended, the hands pull the ends of the ropes outward so that when the elbows are almost locked the hands are shoulder-width apart”. Barbell Biceps Curl This exercise also enhances the second half of the pull phase during breaststroke. Execution 1 . Grasp the bar using an underhand grip. Your hands should be spaced shoulder-width apart. 2 . Without leaning back, curl the bar toward your chest …

why do we give up

Why do people give up?

Have you ever thought about why people give up? What makes us stop believing in ourselves? In our ideas and companies? Below are 7 possible reasons/suggestions that cause people to throw in the towel and give up. If you’re an entrepreneur—read on! 1. Unrealistic Expectations Our lives are unfortunately programmed to get fast results with just about everything we do. You post a picture on Instagram—you get likes. You post a status on Facebook—you get comments. Life has become a circus of procrastination and fast results. However, we all know that in the real world results usually come after years of trying. It’s true and nobody wants to hear it. 2. Fear of Failure We all fear the idea of failing. The more success stories we hear, the more we fear success. When I ask people what they would do if they had only two years left to live, the fear of failing is no longer an issue. Do not be afraid of failure. Ebba von Sydow, Swedish journalist and tv host says, “Every time I make a mistake, I understand that I am …