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Hello November

Hello November! The leaves are almost done falling from their perspective trees, and the nights are now longer. November has arrived! And the city of Stockholm is preparing for winter and gearing up for its holiday retail season! But for myself and Oxana Sachenkova, Thursday November the 5th is a day we anticipate with excitement. We will be entering the STING Test Drive Program with our project. Our startup project  is called Hoamly: a online platform that will change the way people buy real estate in Sweden! We are honored to be accepted to this program… and look forward to sharing it with all of you. Get an inside look of how the program proceeded, and our personal experience in a follow up article coming soon. AND be ready to get weekly reports and updates in our entrepreneurship category. Hope you all enjoy being with us! Yours always, Anna Kazakova and the Life as an Investment Team.

Thomas Brandt

Real Estate Investment Strategy #4: Let’s Go Bigger

We already discussed buying single private properties, now let’s talk about buying more than one, and of course, renting them out (Sweden). Today our guest is Thomas Brandt, who 17 years ago used his profits derived from his IT consulting firm to purchase four apartments house in Örebro. Today Brandt owns about 250 apartments and runs his own business known as Explicar Affärsutveklirebrong AB. We met Thomas at his office in Stockholm and talked about how to invest, start and run a property management company. How did you start? 17 years ago I realized that the economic climate within the IT industry was becoming stagnant. And because I made some money in the past with my IT firm, I decided to invest in stable, profit-generating long-term assets. So, since I had relatives who owned and operated properties, I decided myself to buy some as well—in Örebro. I knew nothing about property management at the time. Where do you buy? Because I don’t have hundreds of millions in my accounts, I buy houses in relatively smaller cities, …


Swim and Travel

I love combining tourism with swimming. Last year I swam the 6.5 km Bosphorus race (read more here) and enjoyed Istanbul’s beautiful scenery from the water. Next year, I am planning to explore England and swim the 14 km Bridge to Bridge, one of Henley Swim’s annual events. This article is about Swedish swim competitions that you can combine with exploring Stockholm– one of Scandinavia’s capital cities, and arguably known as “the Venice of the North.”  Swim and Travel Stockholmssimmet Stockholmssimet is a new swim competition, premiering this year. The event is organized by the same people who brought you the craziness of “Tough Viking”. In Stockholmssimmet, you have an option of two different distances, either 1 km or 3.3 km. Oxana and I swam the 3.3 km, and it was amazing! Swimmers start from Stockholm’s marine museum and finish in the middle of the Royal National City Park, which was just where we wanted to be on a sunny Sunday morning. One downside with this race was a lack of organization, probably due to the fact …


September is all about Real Estate Investments

Sweden is a great country—five weeks summer vacation…every year! Summers in Stockholm are quiet and calm. And it’s so obvious that everyone is on vacation; most likely up-north camping, or abroad grabbing some culture. This is the perfect time to RECHARGE THE BATTERY by stepping out of the workplace, completely. What a system, thanks Sweden! But it must be late August now because Stockholm is starting to hustle and bustle again. So roll up your sleeves, login, and get to those emails! Life as an Investment welcomes back our treasured readers with a new design…and a special announcement: The entire month of September will be devoted to Real Estate Investment! We will talk trends, historical data, prices, timing, real opportunities, covering the Stockholm/Gothenburg markets. If you have questions, or would like to discuss real estate investment opportunities, please email me at and I’ll answer all inquiries in our Properties FAQ section. All the Best, Anna Kazakova (Author and Editor-in-chief) P.S. Thanks for all of your impressive feedback! We also appreciate you sharing personal stories about achievements and personal development. When we hear stories about our readers training more, saving more, …

Questrooms теперь в Стокгольме!

Лето в этом году Стокгольм обходит стороной, оставляя все меньше и меньше вариантов для отдыха и развлечения. Однако, есть одна забава, которая становится все более и более популярна во всем мире – это Questrooms, которые теперь есть и в Стокгольме. Questrooms это замечательный способ времяпрепровождения в логической игре, где надо проявить не только смекалку но и навыки работы в команде. Идеально для группы из 3х – 5 ти человек. Выглядит это примерно так, вас закрывают в комнате оборудованной по определенной тематике, полной подсказок и предметов, которые должны вам помочь выбраться оттуда. Мы прошли такой квест втроем с Робином, моим бойфрендом, и лучшем гидом в Стокгльме – Ирой Стромберг. ( Кстати, Иринины экскурсии очень интересные – она практически заново влюбляет вас в Стокгольм.  Если вы думаете, что вы знаете Стокгольм – сходите к Ире и перед вами откроется совершенно новый мир этого города). Получив отличную дозу позитива и адреналина, мы «совершили побег из тюрьмы» за 50 минут и начали расспрашивать создателей Questroom Stockholm об их детище. Создатели Григорий Кошмак (27 лет) и Линнея Хольмберье (22 года) …

Swim fins

Swim Fins Program

Swim fins are fun! They are amazing training aid for swimmers! There are a lot af advantages for using swim fins: they increase fitness and cardiovascular conditioning, increase ankle flexibility, develop leg strength and improve technique. Here is a simple, mostly crawl, program for 1500 m with swim fins we did today with Swim School Kamishi in 50 m pool in the morning. Warm up/ Strech – dryland 15 min (see the program here) Warm up in water 100 m crawl 200 m medley (50 m Butterfly, 50 m Crawl back, 50 m Breast, 50 m Crawl)   Main Set 2 x 50 m leg kicks with fins crawl, your arms position: out straight in front. 4 x 50 m crawl with fins. First 50 m as fast as you can, second 50 m relax. 4 x 50 m crawl swim without fins. 4 x 50 m leg kicks butterfly with fins, arms breaststroke. Breath every second kick. 4 x 50 m crawl with fins. First 50 m as fast as you can, second 50 m …

carl jan

Wine as an Investment

Monday evening my friends and I went to Grappe wine Storage located at Grevgatan 5, Stockholm for wine tasting and a seminar called ”Wine as an Investment.” You probably already know about my passion to invest, so obviously I couldn’t miss out on this opportunity. Grappe wine storage is founded by Carl Jan Granqvist, the famous Swedish restaurateur, wine connoisseur and television personality. He explained to us the history of wine, taught us how to taste wine and most importantly talked about recent trends in the wine market. After wine testing, I and my friend – lawyer Casandra Christiansen, successfully kidnapped Carl Jan from the group and asked him some more questions about investing in wine. So here are great tips from the most famous Swedish wine expert Carl Jan Granqvist: Anna – So, I decided to invest in wine! How do I begin? Carl Jan –  Interest in wine First, whatever you do, you need to love what you invest in. If you invest in wine, you need to love wine. It should be …


Startups: How to get funding?

Sooner or later all startups need funding, and cash is the fuel to get it driving in the right direction. But where will that cash come from? There are a lot of variants involved—such as size, age and industry in which the startup will operate. These elements as well as desired growth expectations will need to be defined before pinpointing and attaining financial resources. For those who are in the beginning phase (seed phase), finding the right partnership with an investor is crucial. A solid and trustworthy partnership with an investor takes time and effort. Again, it’s a b**** because you need to minimize failures and maximize successes. You need to know HOW to choose your target group of possible investors. Ok, you are at the beginning of making your business a reality. You have a clear picture of how it’s supposed to work….and maybe you have already developed the product (or service). And now you need the fuel. The best investors are actually 1. Your clients! Make your clients pay you first, explains Anna Söderblom, …

Start up


(THIS IS THE SECOND PART. Read the first part here) Things weren’t that bad at Stockholm Tech Fest. We actually got to meet some very talented and creative people in the Tech industry….people who are changing the future….people who we chose to discuss here today. In fact, one of them won the Life as an Investment Award!   Detectify Built in 2012 CEO Rickard Carlsson Who are they? Detectify audits your site’s security so that you can focus on web development. They were born from the simple concept that the internet is broken—and now today we have a full-blown SaaS application that has moved-on to become one of the most exciting new companies in web security. Why are you the hottest and the coolest start-up in the Stockholm Tech scene right now? Our competitors do not perform as well as you would expect.  We are a security company, and that means preserving confidentiality and integrity.  Our competitors cannot keep up with the ever-evolving web landscape. And beyond that, we can hack right through you. …


New Sushi Roll Concept Hits Stockholm

We all have busy lives and there is no changing that perception until retirement. It’s just a plain fact that today’s society demands everything in an instant, so who really has the time to wait, especially when it comes to grabbing a “quick” healthy bite to eat. Here in Stockholm “grab-and-go” meals are limited. Even worse is that many Stockholmers may have food allergies, be vegetarians, or even diabetic and simply cannot eat what is available   Sushirullen STHLM AB  Founded 2012 -10- 01 Launched 2013-11-02 Founders Johan Falk (32 years old) and Margarita Falk (30 years old) First investment 400 000 sek Locations Drottninggatan 70, Stockholm, Sweden Nybrogatan 18, Stockholm, Sweden (grand opening 13-06-2014) Sergels torget (stay updated, coming soon) Amount of employees 12 Do not miss free sushi rolls on 13 th of June from 12:00 till 16:00 at Nybrogatan 18.   Meet the Falk family—two young and inspiring entrepreneurs who’s Sushirullen (the sushi roll) concept has become a great alternative for thousands of on-the-go Stockholmers. The fast food industry is ready to be changed! …