Month: October 2014

Nina Nordling High Heaven

Women’s Personal High Heaven

Women are usually considered risk averse in the investment world. In business too, women are stereotyped as being cautious of risk and responsibility—and prefer mostly support roles. Recently we talked with Nina Nordling—entrepreneur, motocross enthusiast, and a woman thriving despite these stereotypes. We are grateful that Nina has agreed to share with Life as an Investment of how she followed her passion of sports and how she changed her world among many doubters.                                                           Facts box: Name: Nina Nordling Age: 31 Family:  Nina is in a relationship with  the love of her life, who also happens to be her ex-husband. She is a legal guardian of three kids. Bio Startup entrepreneur and CEO of the social venture High Heaven, a worldwide digital meet-up for women looking fortheir next adrenaline adventure.                                           …


What is Immunity? Key Components to Health and Longevity Explained

What is good health? How do we describe a healthy person? Well, a healthy person is a lucky person whose body functions work properly, can move the way he/she wants, breathe easily, has no pain and no restrictions—and who doesn’t visit the doctor more than for ordinary check-ups. This person never gets sick when most others do—and can eat and drink whatever he/she wants without any problems. In other words, a healthy person is a person with a fine-tuned immune system. So, good health equals strong immunity. But what is immunity? Immunity is usually defined as a defence system that resists and fights viruses and infections that enter our body. However, it is more than just that. The immune system is designed to allow a human to live for at least 120 years—and not weaken after forty, fifty, or even sixty years of age. How is that possible? It depends on the individual. Have you ever thought about why young people are healthy and so full of life? And why some people keep this condition …

Turtle and Dog

You’re Not a Turtle, You’re a Dog! – Motivational Story

Sometimes when people work, study, or even live together—they tend to examine each other and make comparisons. Eventually, if not immediately, one can find themselves battling inner conflict brought on by consciously or sub-consciously deciding that “I’m not as smart as the person next to me.” This way of thinking is a distraction and negative, and usually leads to giving-up and quitting. It is a feeling that eats from the inside and leads to nothing good or positive. As I once mentioned before in another post, Merenlin and myself teach adults how to swim (breast stroke) and how to stay calm (especially those who have had a traumatic experience) in water. We enjoy working with them the most because it is difficult for them to change old habits and easily adapt to function normally in water. Somewhere near the midpoint of the course I tell a story about a turtle and a dog. I tell this story because It helps the inner voice say “I can…I am good enough!” The voice that says the opposite …