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Thomas Brandt

Real Estate Investment Strategy #4: Let’s Go Bigger

We already discussed buying single private properties, now let’s talk about buying more than one, and of course, renting them out (Sweden). Today our guest is Thomas Brandt, who 17 years ago used his profits derived from his IT consulting firm to purchase four apartments house in Örebro. Today Brandt owns about 250 apartments and runs his own business known as Explicar Affärsutveklirebrong AB. We met Thomas at his office in Stockholm and talked about how to invest, start and run a property management company. How did you start? 17 years ago I realized that the economic climate within the IT industry was becoming stagnant. And because I made some money in the past with my IT firm, I decided to invest in stable, profit-generating long-term assets. So, since I had relatives who owned and operated properties, I decided myself to buy some as well—in Örebro. I knew nothing about property management at the time. Where do you buy? Because I don’t have hundreds of millions in my accounts, I buy houses in relatively smaller cities, …


Investment Real Estate Strategy #1: Buy–Rent–Sell

(This is the second article from Real Estate Investment collection. Read previous here) There are a lot of ways to make money in real estate. As an investor, let’s take a look at some of the ways to receive a POSITIVE RETURN on your investment. There’s more than one  exit strategy and scenario in order to achieve realistic, sustainable returns on real-estate investing. We will discuss this with a global perspective, and of course cover the Swedish market—as well as touch upon current regulations. Investor’s role Everybody is an investor. If you are into building, renovating, or even cooking, sooner or later it will become your profession and consume most of your time—thus, time is an investment. So, making financial decisions also require an investment in time. You will need to read and understand financial markets, local regulations, geographical areas, building codes and perform market research. But, it is the type of investment that will determine how much of a time-investment effort you need to put in. When you place assets into an investment, it …


Does Real Estate Investment Work in Sweden?

As a matter of fact it does. So why continue reading this article if you already know the answer? Read on and learn why real estate investment works in Sweden. Historical data. Swedish real estate prices were far less volatile than, for instance, Norway and Holland between 1875 and 1957. However, since 1981 Swedish real estate values have consistently risen—even during 1991-1994 when economies around the globe suffered.Overall Swedish real estate value has increased 13.2% over the last 120 years. Between 1995 and 2011 real estate prices grew at the average rate of 5.7% annually. Compared even to the USA (0.4% annual increase 1892-2004), this is a surprisingly optimistic number! Big city power! Stockholm and Gothenburg are right now seeing tremendous growth rates. In 2014 and 2015, Stockholm has expanded its real estate worth by 17 %, Gothenburg 19%, and Sweden as a whole 14 %. Location, location, location! Since 2005 the magic number is (+) 61%! This increase in real estate prices is a reflection of a stable, growing economy.And most native Stockholmers would …