Month: March 2014


Rejections and King Solomon

Once a very wise king of Jerusalem reigned from 970 to 931 BC. Several stories and legends are devoted to his accomplishments and wisdom. His name was Solomon. According to one legend, Solomon had a ring. Inscribed on this ring was the proverb “Everything goes by, and this too shall pass”. *** It just so happens that sometimes we are rejected by people we love, by corporations we would love to work for, by investors whose money we were hoping to invest, and by countries we would like to travel to. In the situation where emotions are involved, it is sometimes difficult to make appropriate and wise decisions. However, there are some ways we can walk around this dilemma and find a suitable solution. We need to overcome rejection and find forces to keep going—to keep fighting. In a situation involving rejection, sometimes the best solution is to consider an independent point of view. Abstract from the problem. Try to imagine your friend in front of you. He is sad because of rejection, and has a host …


I need a change! I want a change! And I am not afraid of changes! (mantra 2014)

It was 12 o’clock, the New 2014 was coming.  The sound, from opening a bottle of champagne, was muffled with the sounds of fireworks from outside. Magic. I closed my eyes and made it clear to Universe that, “I need a change! I want a change! And I am not afraid of changes!” I remembered about Tony Robbins, one of the my few favorite life coaches and  most popular in the world,  and the video I saw recently where he was talking about the most important human needs/emotions in one of his seminars about depression.  According to him, we all need : Certainty; Uncertainty/Variety; Significance; Love /Connection. The difference between us is inside the question “by how much?” Frankly speaking, I am a person who does not like a variety and changes very much. I have a tremendous need of certainty in some parts of my life. I found that physically difficult just let it go and follow the stream. I got to use to the things quite slowly. I create comfortable zone and enjoy …