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Decorative Scales of Justice in the Courtroom

Tech & Law Startups – Stockholm Style

 Today our guest author is Ksenia Christiansen, legal counsel of Kamishi AB, with her review of tech startups from Stockholm, Sweden, which are on the way to revolutionize the LAW industry.  Welcome!    If you’re looking for trends, turn your attention to the Unicorn Valley of Stockholm—a place where the entire city pulse can be felt. This year is a pinnacle year for law and tech businesses—both riding the wave of success by combining their efforts and creating a contract law/business sphere. With convenience at the fore front, contract and judicial processes can now be executed by a simple computer click. The three startups that stand out (which may be helpful to you as an entrepreneur) are summed up in this article. Here are the hottest Tech & Law Startups – Stockholm style: Precisely – The site is built to create standard agreements that are needed for startups. An obvious, perfect choice if you are starting a company and need basic guideline agreements. The contracts were good and informative. The best part of this …


Hello November

Hello November! The leaves are almost done falling from their perspective trees, and the nights are now longer. November has arrived! And the city of Stockholm is preparing for winter and gearing up for its holiday retail season! But for myself and Oxana Sachenkova, Thursday November the 5th is a day we anticipate with excitement. We will be entering the STING Test Drive Program with our project. Our startup project  is called Hoamly: a online platform that will change the way people buy real estate in Sweden! We are honored to be accepted to this program… and look forward to sharing it with all of you. Get an inside look of how the program proceeded, and our personal experience in a follow up article coming soon. AND be ready to get weekly reports and updates in our entrepreneurship category. Hope you all enjoy being with us! Yours always, Anna Kazakova and the Life as an Investment Team.


Maltese Start-Ups Do Exist

Life as an Investment has asked again our dear friend – Anastasiia Linnas  – a finance and marketing consultant, start-up lover and blogger, to be our guest author and  introduce our dear readers this time to Maltese start -ups.  If you haven’t heard of Maltese start-ups, you soon will because right now they are major players in Europe’s hub of start-ups. In Malta, there is an impressive range of start-ups emerging, and in this article you will learn about the more significant ones which contribute to the islands start-up DNA. Similar to Estonian’s start-up scene with Skype at its centre, the Maltese start-up concept is quickly catching on with the help of GFI Software. GFI Software is now a global IT company valued at approximately $500million (2013), with one of its divisions planted in Malta and responsible for key developments and progressions. GFI is probably best known for its TeamViewer product (acquired by Permira in 2014), as well as security, anti-malware and cloud services. One very successfull start-up in Malta, Altaro, was founded in 2009 by two …


Startups: How to get funding?

Sooner or later all startups need funding, and cash is the fuel to get it driving in the right direction. But where will that cash come from? There are a lot of variants involved—such as size, age and industry in which the startup will operate. These elements as well as desired growth expectations will need to be defined before pinpointing and attaining financial resources. For those who are in the beginning phase (seed phase), finding the right partnership with an investor is crucial. A solid and trustworthy partnership with an investor takes time and effort. Again, it’s a b**** because you need to minimize failures and maximize successes. You need to know HOW to choose your target group of possible investors. Ok, you are at the beginning of making your business a reality. You have a clear picture of how it’s supposed to work….and maybe you have already developed the product (or service). And now you need the fuel. The best investors are actually 1. Your clients! Make your clients pay you first, explains Anna Söderblom, …

Start up


(THIS IS THE SECOND PART. Read the first part here) Things weren’t that bad at Stockholm Tech Fest. We actually got to meet some very talented and creative people in the Tech industry….people who are changing the future….people who we chose to discuss here today. In fact, one of them won the Life as an Investment Award!   Detectify Built in 2012 CEO Rickard Carlsson Who are they? Detectify audits your site’s security so that you can focus on web development. They were born from the simple concept that the internet is broken—and now today we have a full-blown SaaS application that has moved-on to become one of the most exciting new companies in web security. Why are you the hottest and the coolest start-up in the Stockholm Tech scene right now? Our competitors do not perform as well as you would expect.  We are a security company, and that means preserving confidentiality and integrity.  Our competitors cannot keep up with the ever-evolving web landscape. And beyond that, we can hack right through you. …