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Is a 24-hour day enough?

After the our with Oxana Hoam.ly project went into STING TEST DRIVE , I began asking myself “ Is a 24-hour day enough? ” At first I was positive that it will be. Preparing the seminars, reading, collecting information and writing about the process…AND having time for my private life—yeah right!

Six weeks later, on the final week of presentations, I finally found time to grab a keyboard and write about STING TEST DRIVE program that we underwent. And the first issue I wanted to discuss is time management.  WHY? Why do we have only 24 hours? I have no idea! But I do know that even if we had 48 hours in one day it still wouldn’t be enough!

Here are some tips on how to organize the day and save your precious time, that I figured out during STING TEST DRIVE program:

national sleep foundation recommended hours of sleepI don’t know about you but if I don’t get 7.5 to eight hours of sleep every day, I’m a total zombie! My productivity decreases and my chances of getting sick increase. And If I get sick, say goodbye to a whole week of work—a week that can be more appreciated vacationing on a beach somewhere. So it is better to sleep the same amount of hours every night (not less then 7 hours), go to sleep app. at the same time every evening and be happy.

breakfastBreakfast meetings are so much better then lunch meetings. For me, it’s just easier. If it’s planned correctly, morning meetings are at least 30 minutes quicker! Read here more tips about breakfast networking.
Think about it: it takes at least 30 minutes to eat a lunch, plus you have to order it. A morning meeting is a coffee or two, then out the door! And bringing a lunch to a lunch meeting is just weird, and you still have to eat it…Plan ahead!

B9Zt5RwIUAAcEkcIf you’re lucky, a local gym is located next to your office where you can sneak out for a quick workout. But most of us aren’t so lucky and can’t take an hour and a half to get there, workout, stretch and sauna. The logistics get too complicated when so many people are trying to workout at the same time.
So I exercise on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Why? Because there are less people at the gym.  Empty gym – instant happiness! I finish my work during the week and hit the gym on weekends. If I absolutely need to work out during the week, I do it before work.

Social networks
Social networks

If you want your social networks be a benefit not a procrastination trap – read this article and switch off email pop-ups, Facebook, etc…! Check emails only two times a day! The same if you’re promoting an event—answer the comments only twice a day. Switch off the work phone in the evening, and do mail only—if you’re at home. But don’t work past 21:00—mobile aside and laptop closed! That’s an order! And if you are invited to an event, please think first: WHAT are you going to get out of it? WHY are you going? Magical elves will not do your work for you—you will!

Good luck!


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