Month: October 2015


Как покупать и продавать недвижимость на этапе строительства в Швеции?

Дорогие друзья, Мы приглашаем вас на семинар в субботу, 31 октября в 14.00 по теме «Покупка, продажа и инвестирование в недвижимость на этапе строительства в Стокгольме», который поможет сэкономить от нескольких сотен тысяч крон до миллиона при покупки недвижимости в Швеции. Как покупать и продавать недвижимость на этапе строительства в Швеции? На семинаре мы расскажем о том, как происходит покупка и продажа жилья в новостройках в Швеции, почему выгодно покупать на этапе строительства и как правильно выбирать квартиры, если ваша цель инвестирование. Вы получите список всех компаний застройщиков в Стокгольме плюс дополнительную информацию о специфике работы с некоторыми из них. Двери открываются 14.00, семинар начинается в 14.30 и продлится 1 час. После этого у всех присутствующих будет 30 минут на вопросы. Чай и кофе для участников семинара.


Dry-land Exercises for Swimmers: Breaststroke

Help your body to develop muscles so the muscles will help you to swim longer and faster. Together with  Kamishi Swimming School we prepared a wonderful set of dryland exercises for swimmers that  they usually provide to their BREASTSTROKE swimmers. It is a selection of exercises from Swimming Anatomy book by Ian McLeod. All of them you can do at the GYM. ARMS Standing Double-Arm Triceps Pushdown With Rope This exercise is good for every type of stroke, but especially for breaststroke. It mimics the final portion of the underwater pull performed off the start and each turn wall. “In the starting position your hands are at your midline. As the elbows are extended, the hands pull the ends of the ropes outward so that when the elbows are almost locked the hands are shoulder-width apart”. Barbell Biceps Curl This exercise also enhances the second half of the pull phase during breaststroke. Execution 1 . Grasp the bar using an underhand grip. Your hands should be spaced shoulder-width apart. 2 . Without leaning back, curl the bar toward your chest …

why do we give up

Why do people give up?

Have you ever thought about why people give up? What makes us stop believing in ourselves? In our ideas and companies? Below are 7 possible reasons/suggestions that cause people to throw in the towel and give up. If you’re an entrepreneur—read on! 1. Unrealistic Expectations Our lives are unfortunately programmed to get fast results with just about everything we do. You post a picture on Instagram—you get likes. You post a status on Facebook—you get comments. Life has become a circus of procrastination and fast results. However, we all know that in the real world results usually come after years of trying. It’s true and nobody wants to hear it. 2. Fear of Failure We all fear the idea of failing. The more success stories we hear, the more we fear success. When I ask people what they would do if they had only two years left to live, the fear of failing is no longer an issue. Do not be afraid of failure. Ebba von Sydow, Swedish journalist and tv host says, “Every time I make a mistake, I understand that I am …

Thomas Brandt

Real Estate Investment Strategy #4: Let’s Go Bigger

We already discussed buying single private properties, now let’s talk about buying more than one, and of course, renting them out (Sweden). Today our guest is Thomas Brandt, who 17 years ago used his profits derived from his IT consulting firm to purchase four apartments house in Örebro. Today Brandt owns about 250 apartments and runs his own business known as Explicar Affärsutveklirebrong AB. We met Thomas at his office in Stockholm and talked about how to invest, start and run a property management company. How did you start? 17 years ago I realized that the economic climate within the IT industry was becoming stagnant. And because I made some money in the past with my IT firm, I decided to invest in stable, profit-generating long-term assets. So, since I had relatives who owned and operated properties, I decided myself to buy some as well—in Örebro. I knew nothing about property management at the time. Where do you buy? Because I don’t have hundreds of millions in my accounts, I buy houses in relatively smaller cities, …