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Three Secrets and a Big Passion – Triathlon!

Today is a big day for our blog! With the help of our web developer, we are launching a new outlay and design—and premiering alongside a new look will be an exciting new topic as well… I’m sure all of you have noticed that I am notably passionate about investment opportunities, leadership, and entrepreneurship. However, I do have another passion that I’d like to share with all of you—a passion that will most certainly reveal another side of me that is absent in any of my past posts. Nevertheless, the time has come to let you all know that “big finance” is not the only ambition that drives me. My other big passion is…SPORTS. First Secret: The Ironman Triathlon is my goal Yes, my passion is sports—particularly triathlon, which is the one sport that most people have little understanding of and are somewhat unaware of how tough it is, both mentally and physically. Swimming, biking, and running completes a triathlon. Just to inform you, triathlon is like a drug. It involves lots of goal setting (years actually) in …


F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (Part two) Who are they?

What a choice!? – Some of you might say. But choosing friends, the right friends in your life has a great importance.  People have a tendency to become similar to the people they hang out with: lifestyle spending habits, interests, goals, (or lack thereof), attitude towards sports and fitness – everything matters. There are different types of friends: 1. The friends you meet via job, studies or through going to the same gym/trainings/etc. You are quite close with these people since you share common interests: working or studying together. But when these processes are over the friendship might disappear. However, there is a chance that it will last a lifetime. “+ “These people share your passion or professional interests – that is a huge plus, use their support, motivation and knowledge. “-“Maybe you are not that close, sometimes it is better to differentiate people. 2. The friends you go out with. Life is so busy so when you need to go out somewhere and blow of some steam, you know who the “party-girl” or a “mingle-boy” …

We are all made of stars

We are all made of stars.

Hello all! How are you? How was your day? Fine, I hope. You know, my literature teacher in high school used to love making us write incredibly long essays. When we complained about trouble getting started, mainly due to the broad subject matter, she used to say, “Just start writing about something and it doesn’t matter what you write about, then leisurely go back to the subject’s main theme.” Surprisingly, it really helped. Today it’s difficult for me to start this blog. I can’t really put my finger on it. At any rate, my dear readers, I’m not going tell you who I am, what I do, my sex or nationality, my education, or the color of my skin and the color of my hair. I’m not going to reveal any pictures or tags of me in a coffee shop around the corner. My aim for the moment is for you to maintain a clear mind free from prejudices and clichés. Nevertheless, you should have some sort of certainty. Hmm… let’s say I am a …