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Den nächste sommer kommt bestimmt

Many years ago, when I was 18 and lived in Russia, I got a card from my German friend. There was a sunflower on it and a phrase “Den nächste sommer kommt bestimmt…” When it was really cold and dull outside, I always looked at this picture and new that “A new summer will certainly come”. Spring is here on Roslagsgatan 48 at our office. Street is filled with sun the whole day and soul is singing all days long , “Spring is here!” It was almost 3 months vacation for Life as an Investment, now we are coming back to life, as Russian Sibirian bear after cold winter.  We have been travelling in Asia, swimming  in Spain in the swimming camp and enjoying snow in cold and windy Russia… Now we are back! How have you been? Best, Anna

Happy New Year!

Dear all,  It is only a few hours left of 2015.  Soon a new year will come with 365 new days, 365 new opportunities. I hope you will not miss them! I wish you all harmony, happiness and love. Thank you for being with us. See you soon in 2016! Happy New Year! Always yours,  Anna N. Kazakova. 

Hello November

Hello November! The leaves are almost done falling from their perspective trees, and the nights are now longer. November has arrived! And the city of Stockholm is preparing for winter and gearing up for its holiday retail season! But for myself and Oxana Sachenkova, Thursday November the 5th is a day we anticipate with excitement. We will be entering the STING Test Drive Program with our project. Our startup project  is called Hoamly: a online platform that will change the way people buy real estate in Sweden! We are honored to be accepted to this program… and look forward to sharing it with all of you. Get an inside look of how the program proceeded, and our personal experience in a follow up article coming soon. AND be ready to get weekly reports and updates in our entrepreneurship category. Hope you all enjoy being with us! Yours always, Anna Kazakova and the Life as an Investment Team.

September is all about Real Estate Investments

Sweden is a great country—five weeks summer vacation…every year! Summers in Stockholm are quiet and calm. And it’s so obvious that everyone is on vacation; most likely up-north camping, or abroad grabbing some culture. This is the perfect time to RECHARGE THE BATTERY by stepping out of the workplace, completely. What a system, thanks Sweden! But it must be late August now because Stockholm is starting to hustle and bustle again. So roll up your sleeves, login, and get to those emails! Life as an Investment welcomes back our treasured readers with a new design…and a special announcement: The entire month of September will be devoted to Real Estate Investment! We will talk trends, historical data, prices, timing, real opportunities, covering the Stockholm/Gothenburg markets. If you have questions, or would like to discuss real estate investment opportunities, please email me at and I’ll answer all inquiries in our Properties FAQ section. All the Best, Anna Kazakova (Author and Editor-in-chief) P.S. Thanks for all of your impressive feedback! We also appreciate you sharing personal stories about achievements and personal development. When we hear stories about our readers training more, saving more, …