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Fredrik Eklund signs THE SELL book - Love to everybody, photo by

How to be successful? THE SELL by Fredrik Eklund

THE  SELL by Fredrik Eklund is an inspiring account of an isolated Swedish guy who takes a dream-chasing journey toward success in a big American city. Packing your bags, saying goodbye to loved ones and moving {alone} to “the city that never sleeps” (NYC) is a huge endeavor that not only requires careful planning but also a passion for the journey. This is the story of a blue-eyed Stockholmer who firsthand shares with you the pain of being a homesick, lonely stranger in a huge city where nobody cares about you. He also shares with the reader the positive side of successfully following a dream. If you are thinking about taking the plunge into the unknown world of moving abroad, or maybe you’re already there, than read this book. It will most definitely cheer you up. Eklund understands because he has walked in these shoes before. Ironically, the shoes he wore on his first day at JC De Niro Real Estate were shabby, old sneakers. Today his feet stand in the best shoes money can buy. …


Financially Fearless

I have a recommendation for a useful, smart and long-rewarding present: a financial education book titled Financially Fearless: The LearnVest Program for Taking Control of your Money (published 31 December 2013) written by the young and inspiring Alexa von Tobel. This book makes a great Christmas present (or a gift for any occasion) that a parent can give to their child 18 – 26 years old (more financial education books to choose). But really, how many of us have our finances under complete control? According to Alexa von Tobel, 76 percent of all working Americans live from paycheck to paycheck. So basically, three out of four Americans are uncertain about their financial status, and the financial decisions they make. To live paycheck to paycheck is a “ no plan” of action and a bad choice. “You cannot be ignorant,” says Alexa. Financially Fearless: The LearnVest Program for Taking Control of Your Money is full of tasks and questions—and working through these exercises will help anyone build a solid foundation for future financial decision making skills …


How does candy relate to your future financial independence?

 (on the main photo Evelyn Rose, // photo by J. Adam Fenster)  In 1970, Stanford University Walter Mischel and Ebbe B. Ebbesen conducted an experiment that they called the “Marshmallow Test”. They gathered about 600 kids (avg. age 4.5) and basically tempted them with a marshmallow, or some form of candy or cake.  It went something like this: a child is left alone in a room having no distractions whatsoever. A marshmallow is then placed in front of him/her and the child is given two options: to eat the marshmallow straightaway or wait fifteen minutes and receive a second marshmallow as an award. So, what does it have to do with financial independence you would ask…   Guess how many of them waited?  Many of you who follow Life as an Investment either dream to achieve financial independence, or are already on their way. According to Robert Kyosaki (read about his books here), “You are wealthy as long as you can live the lifestyle you’re used to—without having to work.” Basically, Kiyosaki is trying to tell us that …


Financial Education Books

Let’s admit it—financial education studies at school suck! It doesn’t really matter which country you live in. Everywhere in the world, biology, history, and math are the main subjects in school. Such subjects as financial education and communication in society are not included in ordinary school curriculums. However, these two subjects are essential, and used in everyday life. It doesn’t matter how old are you or how much are you earn, there is always the possibility to spend money wisely. Rethink your spending behavior in order to protect yourself, your future and your family. Here are two books that I strongly recommend to everybody. It doesn’t matter if you have a financial education, or not. Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki I remember the feeling I had after reading this book at the age of 18. I felt like the biggest secret of the world was all of the sudden, revealed. The book is very easy to read, the examples are easy to remember, but the idea of the book is worthless.  Stay ahead …


Life is wonderful

I ran away from cold Sweden to warm and sunny Spain and find myself on one of the Canary Islands for Christmas. I took a friend with me and now everyday is characterized by sleeping, eating, laying on the beach and reading, reading, and more reading. Massage, detox, fresh sea air, meditations and yoga in the mornings at the beach, power walking in the evening… Diving with beautiful fish. I left my computer at home on purpose and took paper books, audio books and beautiful bikinis instead 😉 This picture, full of inspiration, is a special gift for Life as an Investment readers. Merry Christmas! Love,  Norda.