Day: 5th January 2014


F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (Part two) Who are they?

What a choice!? – Some of you might say. But choosing friends, the right friends in your life has a great importance.  People have a tendency to become similar to the people they hang out with: lifestyle spending habits, interests, goals, (or lack thereof), attitude towards sports and fitness – everything matters. There are different types of friends: 1. The friends you meet via job, studies or through going to the same gym/trainings/etc. You are quite close with these people since you share common interests: working or studying together. But when these processes are over the friendship might disappear. However, there is a chance that it will last a lifetime. “+ “These people share your passion or professional interests – that is a huge plus, use their support, motivation and knowledge. “-“Maybe you are not that close, sometimes it is better to differentiate people. 2. The friends you go out with. Life is so busy so when you need to go out somewhere and blow of some steam, you know who the “party-girl” or a “mingle-boy” …