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I need a change! I want a change! And I am not afraid of changes! (mantra 2014)

It was 12 o’clock, the New 2014 was coming.  The sound, from opening a bottle of champagne, was muffled with the sounds of fireworks from outside. Magic.

I closed my eyes and made it clear to Universe that, “I need a change! I want a change! And I am not afraid of changes!”

I remembered about Tony Robbins, one of the my few favorite life coaches and  most popular in the world,  and the video I saw recently where he was talking about the most important human needs/emotions in one of his seminars about depression.  According to him, we all need :

  1. Certainty;
  2. Uncertainty/Variety;
  3. Significance;
  4. Love /Connection.

The difference between us is inside the question “by how much?”your-comfort-zone

Frankly speaking, I am a person who does not like a variety and changes very much. I have a tremendous need of certainty in some parts of my life. I found that physically difficult just let it go and follow the stream.

I got to use to the things quite slowly. I create comfortable zone and enjoy that  as long as I can. I do not really need variety or uncertainty. I love certain things so much so that uncertainty and too many choices scare me to the death.

However, I noticed that every change I had in life led me to a better life, to a new stage. ALWAYS.

So why would I be so scared if the life obviously proved to me that every change sooner or later led me to the new horizons,  opportunities, people and things I was not dare to dream even?!

So this year I claimed “the year of a change and challenge”.


I told to myself, “I am not afraid of anything! This year – will be my year! I know, I can, I will do!” I said to myself,

“I know that the life is full of the beautiful variety of opportunities, new people, friends, partners, new love and I am ready to meet them!”

It feels like Universe started listening to me a month ago and decided to test.  Nobody likes the tests. Neither do I.

But, I try to concentrate on the positive and following the Tony’s advice, I ask myself:

  1. What are you going to focus on?
  2. What does it mean?
  3. What are you going to do with this experience and knowledge?

(follow this link and watch a video  with the story behind these 3 questions)

My father used to say,

“You need to learn how to select your thoughts just the same way you select your clothes every day”

(Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert).

His example really helps me to choose my thoughts and I choose every morning to be strong and do not be scared.

It is still a little bit uncomfortable, but success is usually outside the comfort zone, you know 😉


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