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(THIS IS THE SECOND PART. Read the first part here)

Things weren’t that bad at Stockholm Tech Fest. We actually got to meet some very talented and creative people in the Tech industry….people who are changing the future….people who we chose to discuss here today. In fact, one of them won the Life as an Investment Award!



Built in 2012

CEO Rickard Carlsson

Who are they?

Detectify audits your site’s security so that you can focus on web development. They were born from the simple concept that the internet is broken—and now today we have a full-blown SaaS application that has moved-on to become one of the most exciting new companies in web security.

Why are you the hottest and the coolest start-up in the Stockholm Tech scene right now?

Our competitors do not perform as well as you would expect.  We are a security company, and that means preserving confidentiality and integrity.  Our competitors cannot keep up with the ever-evolving web landscape. And beyond that, we can hack right through you.

If I’m an investor, why would I invest in you?

–       Because there is a huge potential increase in revenue. Every website needs us.

If I’m a developer, why would I apply to work for Detectify?

 –       We are trying to be as cutting-edge as possible and compete against our competitors….and work with the very latest in security research. Our focus is on new technologies that are emerging instead of the old PHP’s. We are paying special attention to Ruby on Rails, Node.js, and Angular.js because we believe the future of security is with these technologies. We want to be there now….before everyone else.


peppy pals

Peppy Pals

Built in 2011

CEO Jesper Engström

Who are they?

Peppy Pals is a fun “point-and-click” game for children ages 2-6. Its story-line is about four young animal friends who discover that they have emotions, and the child playing the game discovers how to solve different “emotional” situations. Read more here.

Why should we work for you?

–       We plan on changing the whole gaming industry. We are making emotionally intelligent games for young kids….we are actually helping them.  Many people don’t know that “emotional intelligence” is actually something you can learn and develop. 

Why should we invest in you?

–       To reach out to the world we need money. That’s obvious. You have to understand that marketing is an art in itself, but we are not marketers….we are developers and story tellers—really good ones. But we need support with marketing, so we are looking for investors….the minimum investment is around 2 million SEK.

Why are you the hottest start-up in the Stockholm Tech scene today?

–       Because we got not one, but two rounds of applause today!


Relation Desk 

Fritjof Andersson showing how his amazing Relation Desk works.

 Life as an Investment also got a hold of CEO Fritjof Andersson of  “Relation Desk.” His lifestyle is exactly what Life as an Investment is all about! He is an active sport lover, entrepreneur, and he works hard but knows how to have fun. We also were really impressed by his pitch on stage and liked the product. So, the Life as an Investment Award goes to Relation Desk!


Built in 2012

CEO Fritjof  Andersson

Who are they?

Relation Desk is a business tool for Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. Now anyone can keep track of all customers’ discussions and build solid business relationships!

Why are you the hottest and the coolest start-up in the Stockholm Tech scene right now?

–       We are actually solving REAL problems. When we talk to our customers they are NOT saying, “hey this would be a cool thing to do,” they are actually saying “hey we have a HUGE problem and we need to fix it right now….we have over a thousand incoming questions on Facebook!” And what do we do? We solve it!

If I’m an investor, why would I invest in you?

–       Unfortunately for investors, we are not looking to raise money right now. We already have some great-paying customers. Although we might be interested in your business expertise, so feel free to reach out.

If I am a developer why would I apply to work for Relation Desk? 

–       Oh, because we have shit-loads of fun! I mean we have a kick-ass product, of course….and we build some really cool features….and last weekend we all went jet skiing.


Have you heard of these companies before? What company do you think has the brightest future?


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