Day: 11th March 2015


Hot Estonian Start-Ups Mafia

Life as an Investment has asked Anastasiia Linnas  – a finance and marketing consultant, start-up lover and blogger, to be our guest author and  introduce our dear readers to Three Hottest Estonian Start-ups… We wrongly supposed that there are only three… When I was asked to write an article about three Estonian start-ups, I was a bit puzzled, because straightaway I could name 33* of them (my Mac actually froze after opening their home pages). During the last 10 years, Estonia has managed to build a strong matrix of start-ups.  And, the most significant contributor to this system is probably Skype.  Today, the most successful start-ups in Estonia are founded by the so-called “Skype Mafia.”  So, I did my best to come up with a list of three that IMHO, fit into the Life as an Investment philosophy. Save! TransferWise is one of the most well-known start-ups that originated in Estonia and is often a guest on TechCrunch news, a popular digital information source providing PR strategies and a wide range of general news. I don’t know about your …