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How smart women invested in 2013?

In Sweden, declaration (tax returns) time has come again. Every citizen earning an income, recently received a large yellow form from a local taxation office reminding us to submit all sources of revenue, as well as expenditures. This year my income consisted of the usual source—my job and the firm that I own. However, there was a new entry included among my income sources—revenue from rising stock shares! The value of my portfolio rose 19% from last year. Smart girl! How smart women invested in 2013? “How smart women invest,” for me, was an interesting experience. Back in November of 2013, a friend of mine invited me to a seminar. It was more or less a breakfast meeting comprised of smart women, and Barbara Stewart, a researcher and portfolio manager from Canada, travelled here to Stockholm to share her financial insight and wisdom. The event was organized by NASDAQ OMX. Barbara, an elegant and charming woman, revealed to us information about what motivates smart women to invest, and how they make an investment decision. For her research, she talked to 100 …

April. It is all about money!

April. ‘It is all about money!’

Some of my readers claim that an investment blog should discuss more about actual money investments, and not only discuss the investment of assets like “time”, “lifestyle,” and “connections.” Let’s talk about “the real investments”- The process of investing money for profit. Red Alarm Bulb Some people say that happiness in life is not all about the destination – it’s more about the process. The same idea applies with “money investment” – you need to enjoy the process. If you’re not crazy about the idea of investing because of its association with “limitations” and “saving,” and the red alarm bulb consistently appears somewhere in your brain creating mild anxiety, then I would say it’s about time to learn where, how, and how much. This month I will tell you how to find and harness motivation, as well as save at least 10% of your monthly income, leaving you with a fabulous feeling!   The ugly truth The ugly truth is that I am not a disciplined investor. In fact, not at all.  I remember telling my …