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Embracing failure at TEDx Stockholm

1472335_10152030403800256_994114493_nThis Thusday  TEDx Stockholm was holding an event “Embracing failure” in the heart of Östermalm at Grev Turegatan 30. Life as an Investment visited this event in order to get some new viewpoints on the “failure” from very inspiring speakers: Johan Ernst Nilson –  “environmental explorer”, Tor Rauden Källstigen -CEO & Founder of Loopcam and Mona Sahlin a former Minister of Labor and Deputy Prime Minister in Sweden. All the speakers had something to say and share but the most memorable, logical and clearly formulated points were by Johan Ernst Nilson.1488374_10152030322515256_252720379_n

Here are some notes that were taken during his speech:

1. Always define your goals. There is very thin line between your dreams and your goals. By giving your dreams a definition, they became goals, and therefore they become achievable.

2. Learn from other people’s mistakes. It is cheaper, easier and less painful.

3. Postpone the success for the later time. If you did not achieve the goal today as you planned, tell yourself, “I have not lost; I just postponed the result I want till the later time.” Wake up the next day and continue to battle for it. Never give up.

4.  Think about how can use your failure. Failure is not a real failure if you use it as a learning experience.

5.  If you look at your goal and you do not know now how to do it, it does not mean that it’s impossible.

6. Your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.


8.  Do not focus on the result. Focus on change and you will get the results! There was one extra virtual speaker, the great great master of oratory and presentation – Larry Smith. The video of his speech

Why you will fail to have a great career” was shown during the event and made all attendants smile and laugh a lot.  Now you can enjoy that as well!

P.S. Thanks to the TEDx Stockholm team for a great event!



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